Waterproof Warrior

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Pikmin: Rise of the Plantae
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Rise of the Plantae, a fanon game created by Buddy The Breadbug.
Waterproof Warrior The icon used to represent this treasure.
Series Unknown
Weight Unknown
Maximum carriers Unknown
Location Dead G

The Waterproof Warrior is a treasure in Pikmin: Rise of the Plantae received after defeating the Elephant Long Legs in Dead G. The Waterproof Warrior is a giant pink block sponge. Its purpose is to protect the S.S. Dolphin and the S.S. Drake on their way to the Watering Hole. Even though it allows Captain Olimar and the other leaders to reach the Watering Hole it will not be available to enter until the Temperature Equalizer has also been found.