Doom Goolix

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Doom Goolix
Family Goolix

The Doom Goolix is a species of goolix afflicted by doom essence.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Doomed Time

Doomed Time
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Doomed Time, a fanon game created by Pikness34.
Doom Goolix The icon used to represent this enemy.
Doom Goolix.jpg
Scientific name Celdol doomincus
Family Cell puddle
Areas Katumbra Plains, Volampious Wild
Caves Cavern of Heroes, Remembrance Hall, Doom's Stronghold
Attacks Possesses Pikmin, poisons Pikmin

The Doom Goolix is a Goolix, a member of the cell puddle family, infected by doom essence in Pikmin: Doomed Time. It is encountered at Katumbra Plains and Volampious Wild, and in Cavern of Heroes, Remembrance Hall, and Doom's Stronghold. It seeks out hosts, such as leaders and Pikmin, to infect, turning Pikmin into Doom Pikmin on contact, also poisoning them as it happens to be poisonous. Because leaders are unable to strike either nucleus of a Doom Goolix, Pikmin, namely White Pikmin for their poison resistance, must be used. Continually toss Pikmin onto either of its nuclei to cause the creature harm, but beware of its doom spray or nearby Pikmin will become Doom Pikmin.


Olimar's notes

The cell puddle family is famously known for its quick mutations. New species are always being created. This species is no different, it takes part of the doom's information and adds it to its own genetic information. I chose the name doom after a red Pikmin's untimely doom.

Louie's notes

Take out the cores and wait for the doom aura to dissipate, and voila, you got-a nice-a grape-a tasting gelatin!

Pikness's notes

This creature's poison seems to affect only creatures indigenous to this planet. Why this planet would be the only one targeted by the doom storm is beyond my comprehension.

User versions

Below this point is where users place their version of the Doom Goolix.

Yoshord's version

See: User:Yoshord


Yoshord's notes

Once upon a time, a group of adventurers and Pikmin encountered a purple cell puddle. They correctly guessed that the cell puddle was poisonous from its color since every other cell puddle's attack corresponded to its color. So, the Pikmin fought the cell puddle. The battle was going swimmingly enough, but just before the cell puddle was defeated, the Pikmin began glowing purple and then switched targets, attacking the adventurers. One of the adventurers attempted to scream "We're doomed", but accidentally screamed "It's doom!" instead. The name stuck to the cell puddle. The end.