Flooded Abyss

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Redemption, created by Sir Pikmin.
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The Flooded Abyss is the third-to-last area in Pikmin: Redemption. You can find it after you upgrade your ship with the Magnetar Ring, which upgrades your ship's Gravity Field so it can fly over water.

A Deadly Water World

This is the of the largest areas in the game, second only to the Merged Nothingness. You land on a very familiar plateau in the middle of the top area. You will notice it is raining. A lot. Don't worry, this rain cannot harm your Pikmin, it's just there for effect. Upon entering the radar screen, there is something else strange you will notice: The map is in 3-D and there are two areas, one below the one you are in. Sir Pikmin then radios you about the map upgrade, telling you about how it was created. He also says that the entire lower area of this region is flooded. Good thing you got the Blue Pikmin back at Dawn Lake, right? You didn't find them, did you? Well go and get them, your screwed if you don't! Anyways, let's get going. From the landing site, there are two walls: One in front of the ship made out of stone, and one behind the ship made out of bramble. Since you currently have no way of destroying the stone one, go through the other one. To the left, there is a patch of Burgeoning Spiderworts and the most important Breadbug Nest in the game. It has the distinction of having the highest chance in the game for a Cinnamon Breadbug to appear at 20%. This particular Breadbug drops the item for destroying stone walls, but it can only be coaxed out of its hole by a Gray Pikmin.

Enemy Formations

Raining Overworld

Flooded Underworld

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