Merged Nothingness

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Redemption, created by Sir Pikmin.
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The Merged Nothingness is the final area in Pikmin: Redemption. You can access it after the Great Calamity. After Olimar didn't come back from his scientific exploration to the Pikmin Planet, Louie and the President took off in the ship to find him. When they got to the point in space where the Pikmin Planet should be, a black hole sucked them in. Then the area opening scene plays. The ship flies over most of the area, but when it flies over a lake, a black hand pops up and attacks the ship; ejecting Louie and destroying the engine.

Merged Nothingness theme

A sample of the track that plays in Merged Nothingness.

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Area Overview

From the crash site, there are two gates. Through the one without a lock is the Pit of Redemption and the key to the locked gate. Through the other gate is where the Onions would land and the entrance to a cave leading underwater. Past that cave, you get introduced to the rest of this massive new world, and the second world map found in the cave is activated, showing the positions of two new landing sites with another five grayed out. The closest one contains a currently inaccessible tower called the Tower of Babil and a 50-pellet that appears only twice in the game: one when you first get to the Tower of Babel landing site and again when you beat the game. The other landing site contains a palace made of crystal and on days that are a multiple of four a random penance creature.


Crash Site

Tower Landing Site

Palace Landing Site

Core Landing Site