Forsaken Forest (Pikoblitz 2)

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Pikoblitz 2
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikoblitz 2, a fanon game created by DaGamesta.
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For others locations of the same name, see Forsaken Forest.

The 'Forsaken Forest is quite similar to the Forest of Hope from Pikmin 1. The landing site branches off to long, thin paths of trees and flora. Yellow Pikmin and Purple Pikmin are found here.


Boss: King Luvvbugg

Boss: Burrowing Snarrow

Boss: Emperor Bulblax

Subarea 1

This is where you land. Not much here, a few enemies, but not many.

Items: 1

  • Energy Source (Juice Box) 80 pikmin points(10 pikmin)

Subarea 2

A somewhat challenging subarea. Two of the three bosses in this area are found here(One Mini-Boss, the Main Boss).

Items: 2

  • Gravity Jumper (Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 150 pikmin points (20 pikmin)
  • Eternal Fuel Dynamo (Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 100 pikmin points (25 pikmin)(Inside Tomahawk Beetle)

Subarea 3

The largest subarea on the map. Made up of two complex pathways which may take a little bit of the day to bring back items. Purple Pikmin are found here, the first time a Candypop Bud is above ground

Items: 3

  • Omega Stabilizer (Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 70 pikmin points (15 pikmin)(inside Aromored Cannon Beetle)
  • Whimsical Radar (Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 130 pikmin points (20 pikmin)
  • Iron Delicacy (Acorn) 35 pikmin points (5 pikmin)

Hazards: None


Pikmin Points

Pikmin Points Total: 565