Hocotate Freight

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Hocotate Freight
Hocotate Freight logo.jpg
Hocotate Freight's logo.
Founder The President
Founded Unknown
Current president The President
Services Goods shipping
Headquarters Hocotate

Hocotate Freight is a deep-space shipping company based on Hocotate, its headquarters located in a remote countryside somewhere in the southern hemisphere of the planet. The President leads the company, and its only known employees are Olimar and Louie. The company also owns two ships, the S.S. Dolphin and the Hocotate ship.

In some pieces of mail, the President's wife claims that she is the real owner of the company, and does all the hard work. Although it seems clear that she works alongside her husband, it is unknown whether she is the real boss or if she is merely writing the letters in a condescending and exaggerated tone.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: The Open Galaxy

Pikmin: The Open Galaxy
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Hocotate Freight is a centerpoint in Pikmin: The Open Galaxy's story. Olimar is sent from there with a crew of 7 other workers acting as fellow explorers, and all of them are separated when they prepare to enter PNF-404's atmosphere.