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Hocotate Freight

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This article relates to the canonical games. See Pikipedia's "Hocotate Freight" article for more canonical information.
Hocotate Freight's logo

Hocotate Freight is a "long-haul, deep-space shipping company" that Captain Olimar works for, based on the planet Hocotate. It appears to be situated on the southern hemisphere of Hocotate. Its president is known only as the President of Hocotate Freight, and its only known employees are Olimar and Louie.

Financial status

Hocotate Freight had no known financial difficulties until Louie lost his cargo of golden Pikpik carrots, reportedly to a "space bunny", while Olimar was on vacation, forcing Hocotate Freight to sell most of its possessions and take out a huge loan. Hocotate Freight sells Olimar's ship to pay for the debt while he is away, but still leaving them with a debt of 10,100 Pokos to repay.

Olimar's return

As soon as Olimar returns from the planet of the Pikmin, he is informed of the situation by the President of Hocotate Freight, and of his ship being sold: it is confiscated as he arrives. In shock, Olimar drops the bottle cap he has been holding, which rolls to the ground, causing the sensors of an old ship behind the President to go wild. The ship proceeds to announce that the bottle cap is worth 100 Pokos, after which the President orders Olimar to go back to the Pikmin planet with Louie to find enough treasure to cover the now 10,000-Poko debt.

Soon after, the debt is repaid and Hocotate Freight is back in business. Later, it branches out into Hocotate Franchise, a multi-million Poko company that goes on to revolutionize life on Hocotate...