The President's wife

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For the fanon game, see Pikmin: The President's Wife.
The President's wife
The President's wife.png
Name The President's wife
Gender Female
Age Adulthood (age unknown)
Eye color Black
Hair color Purple
Home planet Hocotate
Known related characters Husband

The President's wife is quite a sassy woman that constantly yells at her husband for loafing around, and in her messages, refers to herself as "the real boss" of Hocotate Freight and continually tells the President that his report is wrong. She also reveals that the ship sends her a report at the end of every day and says that the ship knows that she is the real boss. Currently, it can not be confirmed if her claims about being the real boss are just insults and that she is not truly the boss or if she speaks the truth and is the actual leader. There is also the possibility that she is an equal-parts co-owner of the company and claims the things she does due to working harder than her husband. During the President's absence, she begins turning the company around for the better. Once all the treasures are retrieved, she thanks her husband and says she sees him "in a new light", implying that she is very responsible about work.

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