Hot Hole

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Invasion of the Giants, a fanon game created by Peach Bulborb.
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Hot Hole is a cave in Pikmin: Invasion of the Giants, in the Forgotten Sandland. It is the first hole found there. It has only three sublevels, with the lone hazard of fire, meaning Red Pikmin will be useful here.


Sublevel one - Other than three fire geysers, the only threats on this sublevel are a Red Wollywog, and two Male Sheargrubs, in addition to one Female Sheargrub. This level contains the Possessed Squash and the White Goodness.

Sublevel two - This level has one enemy, the Fiery Bulblax, which has swallowed the Crystal King.

Sublevel three - This is the final sublevel, and the boss is the Empress Bulblax, which doesn't give birth to Bulborb Larvae. Fire geysers are littered everywhere in the sublevel, and any deactived fire geysers the empress bulblax rolls over will activate once more. When defeated, the Empress Bulblax will leave behind the Treasure Detector.