Long Legs Hole

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Pikmin Galaxy Adventure
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Galaxy Adventure, a fanon game created by Legendlink.
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Long Legs Hole
Location Piktopia
Sublevels 3
Treasures 2

The Long Legs Hole is a cave in Pikmin Galaxy Adventure. True to its name, this cave is home to some members of the arachnorb family. It consists of three sublevels and contains two treasures.

Sublevel 1

The first sublevel has a Beady Long Legs in an arena. Kill it and collect the treasure, the Hairy Enigma.

Sublevel 2

This time, it is a Raging Long Legs. Kill it and take the pellets that it drops and use them to produce more Pikmin.

Sublevel 3

This is the last battle. The Giant Beadypuffleg is a formidable foe, but not impossible to defeat. Beat it and collect the Security Safe.