Raging Long Legs

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Raging Long Legs The icon used to represent this enemy.
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Appearance in Pikmin 2.
Scientific name Pseudoarachnia furiendis
Family Arachnorb
Note: all or most of this information may be fanon information.
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Insettocrustia
Class Langocruris
Family Arachnorb
Genus Pseudoarachnia

Raging Long Legs is related to the Beady Long Legs, moves more slowly, and has tufts of purple hair, big feet, and a large body that is glossy black with purple veins. It is also much stronger and regenerates health rapidly, making it more difficult to kill. Like the Beady Long Legs, the beast shakes Pikmin off, but starts stomping angrily if enough damage is dealt to it that it becomes agitated; this is more dangerous due to the size of its feet. The fact that it has a larger body means any kind of Pikmin can be thrown onto it at any time, making attacking easier. It dies in the same manner as the Beady Long Legs, ejecting its possessions from its body and crumbling into dust.

In fanon games

Below this point is where users place their version of the Raging Long Legs.

In Pikimon

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Move list

  • Start - Headbutt
  • Start - Slam
  • Lv. 10 - Sugar Rush
  • Lv. 15 - Bug Bite
  • Lv. 20 - String Shot
  • Lv. 25 - Fake Blood
  • Lv. 30 - Struggle Bug
  • Lv. 35 - Startle




Beady Long Legs -> Lv. 50

In Pikmin 4 (BallsAngus version)

Pikmin 4 (BallsAngus version)
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 4, a fanon game created by BallsAngus.
Raging Long Legs The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Arachnorb
Attacks Crushes Pikmin

In Pikmin 4 (BallsAngus version), the Raging Long Legs has a new attack: after raging, it leaps, crushing Pikmin under its feet after it lands.

In Pikmin 251

Pikmin 251
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 251, a Pikmin 2 ROM hack created by PikHacker.
Raging Long Legs The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Arachnorb
Areas None
Caves Perilous Pipeline
Challenge Mode stages None
Battle Mode stages None
Carry weight N/A
Attacks Crushes Pikmin

In Pikmin 251, the Raging Long Legs is only seen in the Perilous Pipeline. Its behavior has been altered from Pikmin 2, as the creature now moves faster and has more health.


Olimar's observations

Of all the massive creatures on this planet, this one is the toughest by far. It took the Pikmin ages to finally do some damage to it! It also moves faster than I would expect, especially when it gets enraged. Yeah, I'm glad these aren't very common. Let's hope this one we fought was the last.

Cookin' with Louie

The skin of this beast is so thick that the best thing you can do is just slice off a chunk of fatty blubber and grill it on the barbecue.

In Pikmin: The After Years

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The After Years
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The After Years, created by Gamefreak75.
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Raging Long Legs The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Pseudoarachnia furiendis
Family Arachnorb
Areas Merciless Mountains
Caves Sandy Abyss, Green Garden, Eternal Cavern, Remembrance Ravine, Galactic Warpzone (dark variant)
Attacks Crushes Pikmin

In Pikmin: The After Years, the Raging Long Legs is identical to its Pikmin: Redemption incarnation. The Raging Long Legs also has a dark matter-infused variant, which is known as the "Dark Raging Long Legs". The Dark Raging Long Legs appears only in the Galactic Warpzone, the final cave, and it is a much stronger version of the Raging Long Legs that has more health, faster and deadlier attacks, and the ability to use a new, unique attack in addition to its existing ones.

In Pikmin: Antarctic Survival

P4 Porquillion.png
“Welcome to ze Revolution, mon ami!”
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Antarctic Survival, a fanon game created by A Friendly Amprat.
P4 Porquillion.png
Furienne The icon used to represent this creature.
Species Raging Long Legs
Gender Female
Initial location Trampled Tundra
Elements None
Housing size 6
Blood type Cold-blooded
Carrying capacity 50
Hit points 100
Clothing types Extra Jumbo Coat, 2× XX Jumbo Leg Covering
Starting skills Flattener, Search 0, Build 0
Potential skills Weaver 0

Furienne is the Raging Long Legs that appears in Pikmin: Antarctic Survival. Furienne is the tyrant of the Trampled Tundra. Prior to her Awakening, she is referred to by her tyrant name, "Hank the Tank".

As Furienne is the tyrant of the second area of the Antarctic, she is likely to be the first tyrant to be battled and Awakened, since the tyrant of the first area is Awakened from the start of the game. Despite only being the first major boss encounter, Furienne is very strong, and is incredibly dangerous to challenge without a team consisting of several recruited bosses to counter her power. Furienne is well worth Awakening, though, as she is one of the strongest creatures in the game. Her carry strength is 50, stronger than almost every other recruitable creature, her attack power and health are incredibly high, and Awakening her unlocks the incredibly important Flattener skill, which she alone has, as well as unlocking the ability for all residents of the Diamond Settlement to use the "deliberate rest" action.

Furienne can level the ground beneath her as she moves, like the Raging Long Legs of Pikmin: Redemption and Pikmin: The After Years. This property must be harnessed in order to expand the Diamond Settlement, flattening the terrain around it to make it suitable for construction once the remaining snow is cleared.

Furienne also unlocks the "deliberate rest" action when Awakened, as this is an ability she has mastered passively, and the other residents of the Diamond Settlement are able to pick it up from her quickly when she explains it to them. The process of deliberate rest involves a creature taking an extended period of time to intentionally rest and meditate, giving themselves time to recuperate from stress and injury. This action can be taken by any Diamond Settlement resident when Furienne is unlocked and will restore health to a creature equal to one-tenth of the creature's max HP, rounded up to the nearest whole point. This action is especially helpful to creatures with large health pools, such as Furienne, who has the highest hit point total of any creature in the Antarctic at one hundred.


Being a tyrant, Furienne is incredibly strong, so a strong team of creatures is recommended as part of the party outfitted to battle her. At least two boss creatures are recommended, and additional strong creatures are also helpful if such creatures are available. Bringing a tyrant of the player's own makes this fight a bit easier, but since Furienne is likely the first tyrant to be battled, the only available tyrant will be Crystal, who is weaker than other tyrants. If one or more tyrants have already been Awakened before Furienne, bringing them along will make the fight much easier. Leveling the Diamond Settlement to level 2 is also helpful, as this means two more creatures can be brought into the battle, but this is not strictly necessary.

Furienne is one of the strongest creatures in the Antarctic in terms of raw stats, having a massive total of 100 hit points. Her feet and legs are highly resistant to damage, with only her head having no defense. Her stomp attacks are also incredibly powerful, and their damage output is enough to instantly knock out smaller creatures, and deal heavy damage to larger ones. However, Furienne's major flaw is her incredibly slow speed, which should be taken advantage of in order to have a successful battle. Furienne can only take an action in combat every other turn, due to her incredible slowness. This allows a team of creatures with high damage output to rush in and deal a lot of damage to her as a group, before fleeing back out of reach of her stomp attacks before she can retaliate. Her attacks are also slow and predictable, usually giving creatures ample time to jump out from under an approaching foot if they can react quickly enough. When engaging in hit-and-run strategies to deal heavy damage to Furienne, care must be taken to an eye out for her shake, which she will do when she takes enough damage, and indicates that she is about to rage. When raging, Furienne is much faster, able to take an action every turn as creatures normally can instead of being limited to every other turn, and her stomp attacks are also a lot faster and harder to avoid. If Furienne shakes, it is best to just back off and wait for her to stop raging before resuming the attack. However, a more risky strategy involves continuing to attack Furienne during her rage. If enough damage is dealt to her while she is raging, she will fall over and become vulnerable to attack, unable to move for a turn before standing back up. Furienne can also be tripped over by other methods, though getting her to trip is very difficult due to her balance being kept by multiple feet.

Furienne has two special moves that she uses during the fight, which also need to be taken into consideration when fighting her. The first is her earthquake move, which she begins to use after she has lost around a quarter of her health. Furienne can suddenly stop moving and bend down, lowering her head into the snow. While this can be used as an opportunity to attack her head, doing so is not wise, as this stance signifies that Furienne is about to jump in the air. While she cannot jump very high, her weight is enough to cause a massive earthquake when she lands, likely causing all the creatures near her to trip and fall, or at least be thrown off balance. She may also land on creatures when falling back down, dealing heavy damage. As a result of this, it is best to back away when she prepares to leap.

Furienne's other special technique is far more dangerous, and is only used once, when she drops to half health. At this point, Furienne will stand still for a moment, before her head suddenly splits open along its seam, and a massive wave of purple energy will burst out from her, before her head closes again. This wave of purple energy is Furienne's mist spell, also known as "mass slow". This spell affects all creatures that are engaged in fighting Furienne, and halves their speed, meaning they can only act every other turn. At this point, Furienne will be just as fast as the team fighting her, and when she enters a rage, she will move even faster. This mist spell marks the beginning of the fight's second phase. The second phase is relatively similar to the first, with Furienne using the same attacks, but is now complicated by the fact that everyone fighting her has been heavily slowed, reducing their attack opportunities and ability to dodge attacks. At this point, the best strategy is to split up the team and attack from all angles, so that Furienne is only able to deal with one attacking creature at a time.

With good strategy, a strong team, and some luck, the second phase of Furienne's battle will be completed by either her HP falling to zero, or her pacification percentage reaching 100%, ending the fight as Furienne becomes Awakened. When Furienne is defeated in her boss battle, she drops four ultra-spicy bushels, four tough thread, and a bauble. It is helpful to bring one or more pieces of equipment that aid in carrying objects back to the settlement when venturing out for this battle, or else some of these dropped items may be lost.

Upon Furienne's defeat, many of the mist crystals lining her body are also broken, weakening the power of her mist spells. This means that her ability to slow her enemies is weakened substantially when she is an Awakened ally, compared to its strength when she is fought as a boss.

Character information

Although Furienne's identity as a Raging Long Legs might lead one to assume that she is an easily angered and aggressive individual, this is not the case at all. Furienne is actually quite calm, being thoughtful and gentle when not in battle, and also being the pioneer of the "deliberate rest" action. What initially seems to be bursts of sudden "rage" are actually Furienne consciously firing herself up to be more active and focused, as she is normally quite slow and peaceful if she does not make a conscious effort to do otherwise. This is also tiring for her, which is why her bursts of "rage" only last a short time before she returns to her calm state.

Furienne's sped-up "rage" state takes a lot of energy from her, so she must have enough energy in order to maintain it, especially for a longer period of time. Particularly, Furienne must maintain a "rage" for a lengthy period of time in order to flatten ground around the Diamond Settlement to make it suitable for construction. For this reason, in order to take the "flatten ground" action on any given day, Furienne must first consume a large number of ultra-spicy berries from the settlement's inventory in order to become fired up and energetic enough to flatten the area. The amount of ultra-spicy berries required to expand the settlement starts at a cost of ten, but this price cost increases by five after each expansion, up to a maximum of one hundred berries required. Flattening the ground in this way will always increase the Diamond Settlement's usable space by ten, though this space must be prepared using a resident's "clear snow" action before it can be built on.

Furienne is somewhat quiet and withdrawn, especially when she is first Awakened and joins the Diamond Settlement. Even after joining, she will isolate herself from the other creatures, taking residence in a snowy clearing a short distance from the Settlement's outer limits. She doesn't make an attempt to get to know or befriend any of the creatures that are her new neighbors, though she will talk to them if they approach her first. She is also initially hesitant to join the Diamond Settlement, asking the team that recruits her after defeating her if they are absolutely sure that they want her to join. The reason for Furienne's hesitant nature is found in how Furienne views herself: as an extremely dangerous threat. Immediately after being Awakened, Furienne becomes aware of herself on a deeper level than she ever could as a savage beast, and begins to reflect on her life up to that moment. Furienne thinks of all the creatures that have been crushed under her in the past, whether she was intentionally attacking them to eat, or only stepped upon them because they were underfoot. Even though these creatures were not Awakened, Furienne still feels a lot of guilt at what she did, feeling like she committed several murders. This guilt at her pre-Awakened state makes her hesitant to join the community of Awakened creatures, feeling like she doesn't belong with them after what she did, and feeling like she's too dangerous to even live near them, which is why she moves to a clearing near the settlement after moving in, instead of living in it with everyone else. Furienne is constantly afraid that she will accidentally crush one of her allies, not realizing where she's walking until it is too late. For this reason, Furienne moves incredibly slowly and carefully if any other creatures are nearby, being constantly scared of what would happen if she took a step too hastily. She also tells everyone clearly to stay far, far away from her as she is flattening the ground for Diamond Settlement expansion, as she isn't able to pay much attention to what is around her during that prolonged state of heightened energy.

One other resident that Furienne feels particular guilt toward is Scoria, who lost her only remaining family, her mother and her brother, to Furienne's crushing attacks when they were all still wild creatures. Furienne blames herself to a large extent for Scoria's hostile and antagonistic tendencies toward almost everyone around her, as Scoria started acting this way due to trauma from the loss of her family. Once Furienne and Scoria are both members of the Diamond Settlement, Scoria will make it quite clear to everyone that she wants Furienne dead and gone for what she did, and Furienne honestly finds it hard to be angry toward her even knowing this. Even once Scoria begins to act nicer toward the other Diamond Settlement residents after being there for a while, Scoria still avoids Furienne, unwilling to even interact with her after all that happened before they were Awakened.

Although Furienne withdraws from the others due to her fear of hurting them and her guilt at her past violence, she is eventually able to form connections with a few of the other Awakened creatures given time. Crystal and Aranea share a lot in common with Furienne, being similar to her in their age and interests. Aranea is also able to teach Furienne how to weave thread into helpful items, as Furienne is a weaving-insect as well, having lived in a web between the branches stretching over the Trampled Tundra before she was Awakened. Though Furienne only knows how to weave webs and not more sophisticated items like clothing, Aranea is able to teach her over the time they spend together.

Ultra-spicy berries are Furienne's favorite food, and are the reason that she lived in the Trampled Tundra before being Awakened. After her Awakening, Furienne becomes fully vegetarian, feeling sick at the idea of eating meat due to her guilt at how she was as a wild creature. Furienne also refuses to eat Pikmin, as even if they are plants and considered lower life-forms, they are still clearly capable of feeling pain and fear.

Furienne is well-equipped to survive in the cold, even without any form of shelter or heat nearby for warmth. Her passive regeneration, a trait that Raging Long Legs are known for in other Pikmin titles, is strong enough to counter the natural damage caused to her over time from frostbite. Tiny flakes of Furienne's body will freeze up and crumble away, but the damage caused by this will quickly heal due to her regeneration. Furienne's natural healing can be overwhelmed by intensely cold weather, but even in this condition Furienne will outlast the storm through meditation and deliberate rest.

Furienne's name is derived from the scientific name of the Raging Long Legs species, Pseudoarachnia furiendis. Drawing from the same root word, her name similarly relates to "fury" and perhaps "fur" due to her hair, but also ends with the "-enne" suffix to sound more like a name. Her name as a tyrant is "Hank the Tank", a name which is drawn from a five-hundred pound female American black bear who became notable for breaking into multiple homes. Furienne as a character has several parallels to this black bear, even besides her name, size, and appearance. Furienne, much like Hank the Tank, was not originally thought to be female, which was only determined later after a closer encounter. Furienne prior to her Awakening was known to rampage and cause heavy damage to the surrounding areas, similar to Hank the Tank. Hank the Tank also has three bear cubs, and Furienne mentions having children of her own as well, who live in the branches above the Trampled Tundra that border the Otherworldly Woods. Furienne used to travel up into the branches to feed her children prior to her Awakening, but she is no longer able to do this once she is Awakened, as her children would not recognize her due to the effects of Awakening. Her children never appear in Antarctic Survival, and Furienne hopes that they are able to fend for themselves up there.

Furienne is confused by the tyrant name chosen for her, not understanding why she was named "Hank the Tank". When she is first Awakened and is spoken to by the Diamond Settlement residents, her response to them addressing her as "Hank the Tank" is to ask them who in the world this "Hank the Tank" is. Once they have explained, Furienne is still confused, telling them that her name isn't "Hank the Tank" and asking how they could have possibly come to that conclusion. She asks them if she really looks like a "Hank the Tank" to them, and seems a bit offended by the title and its implications. Later on, once Furienne joins the Diamond Settlement, some residents will still call her "Hank the Tank" out of habit, which she will respond to with mild irritation and annoyance, telling them to please call her "Furienne" and stop calling her "Hank the Tank", which isn't even her name at all. Furienne highly dislikes her nickname, feeling like every other tyrant of the Antarctic received a powerful and commanding sounding name, meanwhile she was stuck with "Hank the Tank". The nickname quickly becomes one of Furienne's greatest dislikes, though it doesn't upset her enough for her to respond with outright aggression, since it's just a stupid nickname at the end of the day.

Furienne was one of the first tyrants conceptualized for Pikmin: Antarctic Survival, being inspired by the Raging Long Legs appearing in Pikmin: Redemption and Pikmin: The After Years that appeared above ground and were able to flatten terrain.

In Pikmin: Cliché

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Raging Long Legs The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Arachnorb
Attacks Crushes Pikmin

In Pikmin: Cliché, the Raging Long Legs appears in an area called the Impact Shrine.

In Pikmin: Decayed Leaf

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"You… your evil subordinate, your greedy boss, and this invasive Pikmin infestation will all die here TODAY!!"
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Decayed Leaf, a fanon game created by Soundwave.
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Raging Long Legs The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Pseudoarachnia furiendis
Family Arachnorb
Carry weight N/A
Attacks Crushes and burns Pikmin
ACK! GIANT SPIDER! DISPOSE OF IT! – The ship, upon discovering the Raging Long Legs

The Raging Long Legs is a boss in Pikmin: Decayed Leaf. The creature resembles most arachnorbs of its species, as its main body is a large orb. The orb of the boss is of a dark purple coloration and is extremely large, being one of the largest of its species. Pink veins cover the orb, as if the beast is constantly enraged or stressed. Four spindly legs with massive black feet help support the large orb of the arachnorb. Hair covers the spider, with a large tuft of pink hair on the top of the orb.

The Raging Long Legs can be found out of view in its boss arena. When approached, it will slam on the ground with a ferocious might, signaling the fight. The Raging Long Legs has the most health and durability out of all the arachnorbs. The arachnorb will slowly stomp around the arena with a massive force, as each foot that stomps on the ground will create a small indent for a few seconds. The feet of the boss can easily crush Pikmin due to how wide they are. However, the orb hangs very low, so any Pikmin type can reach it. Pikmin cannot climb up the legs as there’s no need to. When attacked, it will proceed to shake off Pikmin in a rage. It will then suddenly light itself ablaze before stomping around at an incredible speed. After ten seconds of stomping around, it will extinguish itself. During this time, the flames will do a little bit of damage to the arachnorb boss as they’re self-inflicted.

Due to how dangerous the Raging Long Legs is, it’s advised to bring heavy-hitting Pikmin to take it on. Using Red Pikmin or Purple Pikmin can easily do massive amounts of damage to the boss. Weighted Pikmin and Rock Pikmin are immune to the blunt force of the boss' stomping, but they can be set ablaze by the flame. Red Pikmin can survive the flames, but they can be crushed. It’s advised to bring multiple types to the boss fight to be ready for when the Raging Long Legs lights itself on fire. When killed, the boss will drop a flurry of pestering Mitites. Defeating a Raging Long Legs for the first time will grant the "Hothead" achievement.

In Overlord mode, the Raging Long Legs will light itself in a blue flame. This flame will immediately kill any non-flame-resistant Pikmin, and light up the mentioned types ablaze despite their resistance. When killed, the boss will drop five Fiery Dweevils.


  • P3 Data file icon.png Data file #1: Watch out, the Raging Long Legs is extremely durable and destructive!
  • P3 Data file icon.png Data file #2: Be careful of the flames when the Raging Long Legs lights itself up.

Olimar's notes

It seems this species of arachnorb has recently developed a form of self-defense through self-ignition. Using waxy secretions on its body, the Raging Long Legs will light itself ablaze through the sudden increase in thermal temperatures. This may damage them, but their scars will heal quite quickly and help boost their endurance against outside attackers. The true color of a Raging Long Legs is purple, but most of them look black due to their charring. They are also very hairy, but lost most of it due to the former reasoning.

Louie's notes

Inedible. Dissect for parasitic Mitites. Yuck!

President’s notes

I am the Raging Long Legs in a way. Big and scary, with an easily ignitable temper! Best needed for any boss who needs to deal with a pair of slackers!

Overlord’s thoughts

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I guess this giant spider took that literally. I respect its fighting style. Probably does hurt like a Bulbear, though.

In Pikmin: Redemption

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Raging Long Legs The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Arachnorb
Challenge Mode stages Clay Mound
Attacks Crushes Pikmin

The Raging Long Legs appears in Pikmin: Redemption. It appears aboveground in some locations, and can level terrain as it stomps about; this ability is showcased in Clay Mound, a Challenge Mode stage.

In Pikmin: Theme Park

Pikmin: Theme Park
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Theme Park, a fanon game created by RoboIan.
Raging Long Legs The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Arachnorb
Attacks Crushes Pikmin

The Raging Long Legs, in Pikmin: Theme Park, is the same as its Pikmin 4 (BallsAngus version) incarnation. It is fought only in Boss Rush.