Lord Goolix

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Lord Goolix
Family Goolix

The Lord Goolix is a species of goolix patriarch.

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Pikminfreik's version

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Lord Goolix The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Celdol signore
Family Cell puddle
Caves Cavern of the Goolix
Carry weight 6
Max. carriers 12
Seed worth 250
Attacks Burns, electrocutes, drowns, and poisons Pikmin, fires projectiles

The Lord Goolix is a fearsome cell puddle encountered in the Cavern of the Goolix on a second visit, and it guards an incredibly important treasure. The Lord Goolix is three times the size of the Rainbow Ranged Goolix and shares its attacks with it. It has fifty percent more accuracy when shooting projectiles, and can also shoot bullets, similar to the Man-at-Legs; when it does this, it can only be harmed by Purple Pikmin. Upon defeat, its remains yield an incredible two hundred fifty Pikmin seeds.