Cavern of the Goolix

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This cave has almost only, but it has as many as you can think of, it has 15 floors, and 20 if you revisit it, and it is home of the King Rainbow Goolix and Lord Goolix

  1. Not many Goolix, just a 2 or 3 Normal Goolix
  2. Not many threats here, just 4 Frozen Goolix. They can just be ignored, however.
  3. Lava Goolix are here. Use Red Pikmin to rid of these.
  4. Be careful on this floor. Use yellow Pikmin against the Electro Goolix
  5. Rainbow Goolix are introduced for the first time, there are 5 on that floor, along with other types of goolix (Types are random)
  6. Steam Goolix and Sticky Goolix are found here. A Violet Candypop Bud is also found here.
  7. An abundance of Chemical Goolix are found on this floor.
  8. This is a rest area, there is one Queen Candypop Bud, and 2 Violet Candypop Buds, and an exit if you decide you want to leave.
  9. The Shadow Goolix are introduced for the first time, there are 7 total scattered throughout this floor
  10. 7 random Goolix appear here.
  11. 14 random Goolix appear here.
  12. Ranged Goolix are introduced for the first time, there are 5 of them and 3 regular Goolix scattered around that floor, it will be hard to tell them apart.
  13. Steam Goolix, Electro Goolix, and Toxic Goolix appear.
  14. Rest floor. 2 Mamutas, 15 Unmarked Spectralids, and 3 Queen Candypop Bud appear here.
  15. You first start in a room with 2 Shadow Goolix, once you defeat them you break down 2 walls and fight the King Rainbow Goolix, after you deafeat him you break down 2 more walls and get the tresure, and then leave at the nearby exit
Cavern of the Goolix sublevel 15.jpg

FLOORS 16- 20 (Only on 2nd visit and any visit after)

16. 25 Random Goolix appear.

17. 1 hidden Goolix will appear. After you defeat it, it will drop a treasure worth 5000 pokos!!!
18. Rainbow Ranged Goolix are introduced, there are only 3, but to procede you must kill them all.

19. Last chance to leave, there is an exit along with a Queen Candypop Bud

20. You first must fight 2 Rainbow Ranged Goolix then you face of with the fearsome Lord Goolix if you somehow manage to defeat it you get an incredibly important and rare treasure, and if you kill him a 2nd (And a 3rd 4th 5th etc.) time you get a incredible 250 pikmin

Cavern of the Goolix sublevel 20.jpg