Rainbow Ranged Goolix

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Rainbow Ranged Goolix
Family Goolix

The Rainbow Ranged Goolix is a species of colorful goolix that can fire harmful projectiles at distant prey and often has special abilities.

User versions

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Pikminfreik's version

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Rainbow Ranged Goolix The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Celdol arcobaleno variava
Family Cell puddle
Areas None
Caves Cavern of the Goolix
Carry weight 2
Max. carriers 3
Seed worth 180
Attacks Electrocutes, drowns, poisons, and burns Pikmin

The Rainbow Ranged Goolix is an excessively aggressive species of cell puddle. It is the second most powerful of its kind, the most being the Lord Goolix. It can shoot lightning, fire, poison, and water, and it can only be attacked by the Pikmin immune to its current attack. When killed at the Cavern of the Goolix, it is worth 180 seeds.