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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Redemption, created by Sir Pikmin.
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Pik Pik is the default name for your Pikmin in Pikmin: Redemption. It is also the name for it used in all of the guides for PR. Pik Pik does not have a gender, but it is implied that it is a male pikmin.

Family history

Pik Pik was born in Olivert in a family of noted warriors. His earliest relative was the first to be plucked by Olimar named Pikt. It died in the Great War 100 years ago , but not before making his first son, Piki. Piki helped Olimar in The Great Scavenger Hunt and lived on till The Eternal Storm. His son's name has been lost to time, but it is known that he lived to battle the legions of the Complex Parasite. Before he passed on to the next world he had a son named Pik Pik.

Traits and Abilities

  • Pik Pik is a Private in the Candypop Knights who serves under in Sir Pikmin's legendary unit. As such, he has access to the following:commanding a small platoon of pikmin and access to the temple at all times of the day.
  • Due to a shard of the crystal that he found Pik Pik can absorb the traits and abilities of other pikmin colors permanently by using a corresponding Candypop Bud.
  • He is able to upgrade the powers he receives by using more Candypop Buds for a certain color. The catch is that each Candypop Bud can only be used once before wilting forever on that save file.
  • A little after the start of the game he gains the use of a personal prototype ship called The Invincible modeled after the S.S. Dolphin.