Pikmin 3 (JJpops723 version)

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This version of Pikmin 3 is being made by JJpops723.


This game takes place after Pikmin 2. When Captain Olimar, Louie and The President of Hocotate Freight had returned to Hocotate, they returned to their families. Three days after the reunion with their families, the Hocotate Ship was speaking gibberish. The President was worried until the Ship was fine. The Ship had told the President that the Pikmin Planet had new readings; because of this, the President ordered Olimar, Louie, and four new captains; Jason, Stephanie, David and John to investigate. Thanks to Jason, Olimar got a upgraded version of the Dolphin; it had four cockpits and the Ship was glad to go along. Then, they set off to the Pikmin Planet...


New hazards

  • Tar
  • Quicksand
  • Ice
  • Poisonous water

Old hazards

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Explosion
  • Electricity
  • Poison

Pikmin dangers

  • Pikmin being eaten
  • Crushed or shaken off too hard
  • Shaken into bottomless pits

Pikmin types

New Pikmin

What new Pikmin are immune to: Black Pikmin are resistant to tar; Brown Pikmin are resistant to ice (because brown is color of bear fur); Orange Pikmin are resistant to quicksand and explosions; Cyan Pikmin are resistant to poisoned water; Pink Pikmin are resistant to crushing.

Old Pikmin


  • Dandelion Forest
  • Beneath the Trees
  • Intoxicated Pond
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Foggy Abyss (final area)

Note: Areas are unlocked in that order.

New Mechanics

  • Helping captains are set to work and to fight with Pikmin
  • Throwing captains
  • If having repetitive items to carry do not bother cause just throw Pikmin and they will come back to said task

Unlocking Pikmin (in order)

  • Dandelion Forest: Yellow Pikmin, Bulbmin, Red Pikmin.
  • Beneath the Trees: Purple Pikmin, Blue Pikmin, Brown Pikmin.
  • Intoxicated Pond: Cyan Pikmin, Black Pikmin.
  • Autumn Leaves: Pink Pikmin.
  • Foggy Abyss: Orange Pikmin.

New Enemies

  • Hypnotising Bulborb: It can hypnotise pikmin; White Pikmin are immune to this.
  • Shellborb: It can hide in its shell if given a chance; does not eat Pikmin.