Pikmin 4: New Hopes

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Pikmin 4: New Hopes
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 4: New Hopes, a fanon game created by PikPikCarrot.
For other versions of Pikmin 4, see Pikmin 4.
Pikmin 4: New Hopes
P4NH Box art.png
Rating ESRB: E for everyone
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Media Cartridge, digital download
Publisher Nintendo
Release dates June 23rd, 2024
Prequel Pikmin 3
Creator PikPikCarrot

Pikmin 4: New Hopes is an upcoming Pikmin fan game created by PikPikCarrot as the fourth entry in the series. It will release for the Nintendo Switch. This entry introduces two new Pikmin species, new enemies and areas, and a new competitive two-player game mode. Its gameplay is identical to Pikmin 3's with a few tweaks.


After being saved by the Koppaites and repaying the debt, Captain Olimar returns to Hocotate with his family. However, he is sent back again by the President to rescue Louie and to repair the Hocotate ship.


The controls are the same as Pikmin 3's, while gameplay is similar to that of Pikmin 1's. The objective is to search for and collect the fifteen parts of the Hocotate ship and deliver them to the S.S. Typhoon, Olimar's new ship. Afterward, Olimar must search for Louie.