Pink Ivy Bulborb

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Pink Ivy Bulborb
Family Grub-dog

The Pink Ivy Bulborb is a species of grub-dog covered in poisonous flora.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: The Escape

Pikmin: The Escape
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Escape, a fanon game created by an anonymous user.
Pink Ivy Bulborb The icon used to represent this enemy.
Pink Ivy Bulborb.png
Scientific name Oculus kageyamii posimas pinkus
Family Grub-dog
Areas Shiver Swamp, Vicious Volcano
Caves Leafy Lounge, Lava Lurk
Attacks Eats and poisons Pikmin

The Pink Ivy Bulborb is the greater relative of the Ivy Bulborb appearing in Pikmin: The Escape. It behaves and looks much like the Ivy Bulborb, but it has pink skin instead of green skin. It is stronger and faster than the Ivy Bulborb and can also eat ten Pikmin at a time. Like the Ivy Bulborb, the Pink Ivy Bulborb's back is covered in ivy that only White Pikmin can touch without being poisoned. This ivy also falls off of the creature's back when it reaches half-health, allowing all Pikmin types to safely attack its backside. Pink Ivy Bulborbs are extraordinarily ferocious and will consume nearby corpses to replenish their health. There is always a Pink Ivy Bulborb at the end of Vicious Volcano.


Olimar's notes

The pink ivy bulborb is a subspecies of the ivy bulborb. Ivy bulborbs are capable of absorbing nutrients from dead creatures, using them to restore strength. Sometimes, an internal process will go awry, causing an irreversible mutation that increases the creature's speed, stamina, and strength. These effects occur due to a much higher blood pressure and heart rate, resulting in the flushed, pinkish color that clearly identifies this mutation.

Louie's notes

Poisonous. Consumption results in blushing, rashes, and high blood pressure.