Plains of Bliss

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Pikmin 3DS (Bulborb519 version)
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The Plains of Bliss is the first region in Pikmin 3DS. It is a widespread meadow featuring many classical enemies in the Pikmin series. When you land on the Pikmin Planet the 3rd time, there will be a red Onion waiting for you containing 7 Red Pikmin. Nearby here there is a Dwarf Red Bulborb which activates a tutorial on how to destroy enemies.

The total amount of food here is 175 servings.

General Layout

You land in a small area, relatively westward of the actual area. Once you move east you can find all of the fun of enemies, food, and caves.


  • Dream Cake
  • Sour Power
  • Choco Cracker
  • Sugar Cup
  • Super Stalk
  • Jack-o-Flan-tern
  • Cumbersome Vegetable
  • Savory Juice
  • Power Punch
  • Fluffy Loaf
  • Meat Medallion