Pikmin 3DS (Bulborb519 version)

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Pikmin 3DS (Bulborb519 version)
Rating E
Genre Real-time Strategy
Platforms 3DS
Publisher Nintendo
Release dates North America: TBA
Europe: TBA
Japan: TBA
Australia: TBA
Creator Bulborb519


Upon their return to home, Louie, Olimar, and the President find that Hocotate has been devastated. All of their food is gone! The President then orders Olimar and Louie to go back to the Pikmin Planet and find food for Hocotate. So the group returns to the Pikmin Planet for a brand new adventure.


The places the group goes to to find 1000 servings of food are listed here:

  1. The Plains of Bliss
  2. Sunset Beach
  3. Fungal Forest
  4. Fluffy Bluff
  5. The Grand Trek


This is a list of the pikmin that appear:


The characters that make an appearance in this game are the amazing captain Olimar and his sidekick, Louie.

Image Character
File:Olimar.jpg Olimar
File:Louie.jpg Louie


There is a new piklopedia. Here it is

Food Collection

Follow this link to observe.