Ruined Caverns

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Pikmin 3 (Flish version)
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Ruined Caverns is a cave in Pikmin 3. It is very dangerous, because it has a several Smoky Proggs as the boss, and there are multiple Paranormal Enemies and poisonous dangers. It is found in Hidden Bog behind a smoke emitter so you need Black pikmin to get to it. you need yellow, red, tan, white, and black pikmin to beat it, but you can always grab some Purple Pikmin to help defeat the smoky proggs. there are 6 sublevels. the level is supposed to look like a run-down museum.

sublevel one

This sublevel is probably the most annoying one. there are tons of mamutas and withering blowhogs, and to go with that, there are electrical hazards everywhere. here, the tunnels have sharp edges and look like they are made of rotten wood, sometimes with sand and plants here and there. there are 3 treasures here, Snagret Child, Chainsaw Art, and Edible Flake.


Sublevel two

This Sublevel Is similiar to Sublevel one in apperance, with Smoke emitters around the pod and several Paranormal Blowhogs. there is a pair of Ebony Candypop Buds incase you didn't bring black pikmin. Sheargrubs can also be found here, and number 60. only 10 of these are male, however. they all are in the same basic location. The treasures found here are Disposal Lever, Scented Wax, and Beast Tooth.


Sublevel 3

This sublevel is a semi-rest stop. there is a geyser, but there is still a single treasure and a danger. a flock of Ghost Spectralids will appear here at random amount, along with several Ebony and Ivory Candypop Buds. There is always atleast 4 Dwarf Orange Bulborbs. One contains the Sweet Tooth, which is the second most valuable treasure in the cavern. This is the only sublevel that looks like the wood is living.


Sublevel 4

This sublevel may be the most challenging of all. there are many electric prods, fire geysers, and poison emmiters aswell as a single smoke emitter. the hardest part of it is when trying to grab the Skeleton Star, there is an electrical prod covered in smoke. this level only has a few Fiery Blowhogs actually, but all of the types of hazards makes it quiet challenging. Besides the skeleton star, the Invisible Knife is the only treasure here.


Sublevel 5

Sublevel 5 is the calm before the storm. there is an Orange Bulborb here, that contains the Rain Catcher. there are no other enemies or treasures.


Sublevel 6

The final level. there are 4 smoky proggs here, and the final one to fall contains the Hazard Sniffer.