Sand Lands

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikspore, a fanon game created by DrTapeworm.
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Sand Lands
Location Altitude Springs
Sublevels 5
Collectibles 7 treasures
Hazards Fire, Electricity, Bomb-rocks, Bottomless Pits

The Sand Lands is the second cave in Altitude Springs. As the name implies, the cave is very sandy, and has remnants of a metal structure, with metallic walls and big metal pillars. Some sublevels are positioned over a bottomless void, which your Pikmin can fall into and die. The cave is inaccessible until you get Yellow Pikmin.


The Sand Lands has 5 sublevels.

Sublevel 1

This one is pretty easy, with the only enemies being Fiery Dweevils. There are three treasures, one is buried so you'll need White Pikmin to get it. The main gimmick of this sublevel is simple. Horizontal fire geysers, attached to the walls, will shoot...horizontally. Only Red Pikmin can deactivate them.


Sublevel 2

This one's small, but a bit harder, introducing electricity as a hazard. It kills your Pikmin instantly! Well, except for Yellow Pikmin. There are two treasures, both are buried within the ground slightly. Watch out for the hopping Wollywogs, because they'll smash your Pikmin flat.


Sublevel 3

This sublevel floats over a deadly void, so be careful when throwing your Pikmin. Again, more fire and electricity, though this time you find a Dweevil that wields the yellow death as its elemental power. Watch out for the explosive throwing Dirigibugs and the Wollywogs, too. This sublevel has one treasure, located on a high ledge.


Sublevel 4

The penultimate sublevel also floats over a void, and has a fairly simple layout like the previous sublevel. Just get the two treasures and go to the next sublevel, while fighting the Dirigibugs and Dweevils. A Burrow-nit has swallowed one of the treasures, too, so kill it and reap the rewards.


Sublevel 5

A simple boss sublevel. Starting in a safe alcove, you will notice a large quicksand pit in the middle of the room. Approach it, and a giant burrowing insect will emerge from the center, emitting a deafening roar that causes rocks and explosives to fall from the ceiling.