Scatter Shroom

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Scatter Shroom
Family Skitterling

The Scattershroom is a species of skitterling that disguises itself as a mushroom.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Sinister Incinerator

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Sinister Incinerator, a fanon game created by Portal-Kombat.
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Scatter Shroom The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scatter Shroom.png
Scientific name Aspergilla podronis mimicus
Family Skitterling
Areas Forest Depths, Penumbra Plains
Caves Glowing Tunnels, G-Base, Black Hole, Worlds Beyond
Carry weight 3
Max. carriers 6
Seed worth 7
Attacks None

The Scatter Shroom is a skitterling in Pikmin: Sinister Incinerator that strongly resembles a small Puffstool which lacks antennae. They are slightly larger than a Dwarf Bulbear. Scatter Shrooms are completely harmless, uprooting themselves and fleeing when leaders or Pikmin pass by. However, as they are blind and aren't the smartest creatures, Scatter Shrooms often run into walls or topple over, both resulting in them being flipped onto their cap, their body exposed to attack. The reason Scatter Shrooms resemble Puffstools is because they were an ancient species of skitterling that mutated into such a form due to prolonged exposure to air heavily laden with Puffstool spores.