Worlds Beyond

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Exactly what the "Worlds Beyond" really are is never explained. It serves as the final dungeon and the only dungeon in the remote area known as The Portal. It is 30 floors deep and is devoid of treasures, the only focus being to survive, utilize Pikmin traits to overcome obstacles, puzzles and enemies and continue onwards. The final floor holds the Complex Parasite, waiting to finish off the remnants of your forces that made it to the dungeon's end. Interestingly enough, it literally seems as if this dungeon is another planet similar to the planet of the Pikmin- a utopian world of valleys, rivers, gardens, deserts and a circular mountain range in the center. Each floor that you travel through moves you to a different area of terrain until you eventually enter the mountains and start venturing into the core of the world itself.

Ending Locations

Point of No Return

After you vanquish the Complex Parasite, a hole will open up next to the geyser on this floor. Go down the hole instead of the geyser and you will be at The Point of No Return. It could be thought of as the "final rest stop". There is one last geyser here for you to leave if you think you must. There is also the last hole to jump down. Be aware: the research pod will not follow you down to floor 32. If you think you can handle the real final boss, then jump down with your Pikmin. You won't be able to retreat or back down so it is highly recommended that you jump down there prepared. If you lose while you're down there you'll be shot out at The Portal. If you truly do wish to proceed, head down the hole, unto... The End.

The End

The End is actually not the end. It is the name given to the "32nd Floor" of the Worlds Beyond, the dungeon's true final floor and the only floor past Point of No Return. It is here that the surviving captains and Pikmin are forced to confront the final boss, Empire Deathstool. Losing the fight will cause all the Pikmin down there to die, and the Captains will be shot out all the way back to The Portal.

Wildlife/Enemy Forces