Secret Sands

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Secret Sands
Location Fire, Sand holes, Bomb rocks, Poison
Pikmin discovered Yellow, Bomber Pikmin
Treasures 12

The Secret Sands is the third area in the game Pikmin: Dawn of the Food Chain. It is a desert landscape away from all the vegetation you may have seen in the past 2 areas. Many desert enemies live in this area and many lurk in the depths of the sands. There are 12 treasures here and a total of 6 dungeons here. You find Yellow and Bomber Pikmin here.



Base Regular base

Watch out for occasional Baby Priglets that may feast on your Pikmin.

Sand Dunes

This part of the area houses burrowing enemies here that may cause a problem to many species of your Pikmin. Even some non- burrowing enemies such as Muddy Priglets and Fiery Blowhogs reside here in the hotbeds. You find Yellow Pikmin here on the highest sand dune in this area.

Red Sand Plains

This is the most dangerous area of this region, as it houses some dangerous combinations of enemies here. Some such as the Emperor Bulblax and Slawsaw species live in this place. It could become a real threat if you were to take on these enemies while you were unprepared. After the onslaught of enemies, you encounter Bomber Pikmin for the first time.