Sunspot Plaza

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Pikmin: The Final Frontier
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The Sunspot Plaza is the fourth area found in Pikmin: The Final Frontier. It is a volcanic valley which even more new enemies subside. There are 6 treasures to be collected here.




  • Inspiring Jewelery (Ring) 100 Pokos (10 Pikmin) Bedazzled Fortune Series (Requires Red Pikmin)
  • Good-Day Machine (Light Bulb) 150 Pokos (20 Pikmin) Hero's Toolbox Set (Half-Buried)
  • Ancient Handsaw (Shark Tooth) 60 Pokos (12 Pikmin) Excavation Set
  • Doctor Repel (Apple) 35 Pokos (25 Pikmin) Fruit of the Earth Series (Requires Pink Pikmin)
  • Platformer Platform (Top 1/2 of Nintendo DS system) 90 Pokos (19 Pikmin) Paradox Series
  • Protector Alloy (Metal Back Brace) 170 Pokos (35 Pikmin) Hero's Toolbox Set (Inside Blitzor Mecha)


Total Pokos

Total Pokos: 605