The Abyss

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Pikmin Extinction
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The Abyss
Sublevels 5,900

The Abyss is the last, and deepest, cave in Pikmin Extinction, consisting of five-thousand nine-hundred nicknamed sublevels. Few Pikmin seem to want to delve into this cave, but more are suspected to be within. Although the cave is not required for completion and splits the current squad, it yields handsome rewards when beaten.

It is the unholy birth to the Pikmin Planet's crust, the offspring of the black hole, and the rise of the Renche Glera, who already knows what lurks within this infernal cave.

Sublevel 1


Nicknamed "The Start of a Nightmare", this sublevel consists of a layout similar to that of sublevel two of the Little Hole, as told by the ship. Five Glitter Bulborbs are present here.

Sublevel 2


This sublevel consists of a layout similar to that of sublevel one of the Little Hole, but larger and with a small alcove on the left side of the chamber. In that alcove is a broken black Onion that ejects one Rock Pikmin before disintegrating. Upon approaching the hole to the next sublevel, a large Demon Rock appears, but fighting it is futile because of its high vitality and there are so few Pikmin to fight it with.

Sublevel 3

This sublevel is nicknamed "Never in Life".