The Planet Plague: Into the Unknown

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The Planet Plague: Into the Unknown
This article or section presents information pertaining to The Planet Plague: Into the Unknown, a fanfiction created by Wrath.

The Planet Plague: Into the Unknown is a Pikmin fanfiction written by Wrath.


Shacho's phone rang, ding, ding, ding before he picked it up in agitation in yelled into it, "What is it?!"

"It's Olimar", a voice said on the other end of the phone, "we've found the legendary Hole of Demons"!
"What?! Where?"
"In some frozen plains. We were excavating a rare metal called platinum when we uncovered the entrance."
"Yes, our expedition company will be rich! I'll get Louie and be there with him immediately! You bring the Pikmin!"
"Okay, sir, I'll be waiting!"

When the President arrived with Louie, Olimar practically bounded quickly towards them in glee to join them.

Shacho asked, "Where are the Pikmin?"
"They'll be here shortly," Olimar responded.
One of the workers announced to Shacho, "President, our scans show that there are over seventy sublevels!"
"What, that's impossible!" Shacho exclaimed.
"No, it's not," the worker responded, "the bulblax grubs we use are never wrong."
"Well," Shacho said, "we'll just have to figure it out ourselves then, won't we."
Just then, Louie chimed in: "Can I bring some super-duper double chocolate deluxe cookies? They're very good!"
"Yes, Louie," Shacho responded, and then said under his breath, "Louie, and food, food, and Louie."
"I heard that!" Louie said back.

Just then, about thirty Onions arrived. Several Pikmin appeared from each Onion, marched up to their leaders, and indicated they were ready to serve. Olimar, Shacho, and Louie gathered supplies, and after much preparation, were finally ready to delve into the Hole of Demons.

"Let's go!", Olimar shouted.