Hole of Demons

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Hole of Demons
Location Frozen plains on PNF-404
Sublevels 100
Hazards Fire, ice, lava, poison, low temperatures, water, wind
Obstacles Crystal, spikes

The Hole of Demons is the cave discovered and explored in The Planet Plague: Into the Unknown. It has one hundred sublevels, each heavily laden with traps and monsters alike, and is where the Planet Plague's presence on PNF-404 is first discovered. Museums and scientists would pay thousands of Pokos to get their hands on the bodies of the many beasts that dwell within this cave, and just as many Pokos, if not more, can be accrued just from the treasures here alone. The Onions land on every twenty sublevels, including the final sublevel, allowing Olimar, Louie, and the President to replenish their Pikmin supply.

Sublevels 1-30

This set of sublevels is commonly referred to as the Frozen Floors as their temperatures are well below freezing and their surfaces are covered in ice. It is difficult for leaders and most Pikmin species, except Sub-Zero Pikmin, to withstand the bitter cold. Inhabiting the Frozen Floors are many enemies acclimated to living under such harsh conditions and enemies that use ice or freezing water attacks.

Sublevels 31-40

These sublevels contain plenty of water and vegetation. The beasts on these sublevels dwell in water and use attacks based on it.

Sublevels 41-70

This set of sublevels is laden with fire and lava, and the beasts here can withstand extremely high temperatures and use fire and lava to defend themselves from those who intrude.

Sublevels 71-90

Pressure in these sublevels is so immense that lava has been compressed into crystalline minerals and elements. The beasts that dwell here are infected with the Planet Plague more than any other area.

Sublevels 91-99

These sublevels are where Planet Plague drones such as Plague Minions and Plaguelings are found. They patrol and protect the sublevels from native wildlife but infect Pikmin and use them against their former masters.

Sublevel 100

The massive serpentine patriarch of the Planet Plague, the Plague Emperor, skulks here alongside his inexhaustible horde of Plaguelings.