The Saga of Steve

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The Saga of Steve
This article or section presents information pertaining to The Saga of Steve, a fanfiction created by an anonymous user.
Not to be confused with Pikmin: Steve's Adventure.

The Saga of Steve is a Pikmin fanfiction created by an anonymous user. It tells the story of Steve and his two friends, Bob and Joe. At least three more chapters after the first were planned to be written, and in order, they were The Trooper, Three Months, and A Brother's Promise.


Chapter 1: The Blowhog's Corpse

Steve was just an ordinary Pikmin. A Red Pikmin. He assisted Captain Olimar, like the others. His best friends were Bob, a Yellow Pikmin, and Joe, a Blue Pikmin. But one day, he felt he was destined to do something. So when neither Olimar nor the other Pikmin were watching, Steve killed a Fiery Blowhog by himself. But he did not have the strength to carry it back to base. But he tried. And tried. And tried. But the end of the day came, and Olimar could not find Steve. He ordered the rest of the Pikmin back to their Onions. But Joe saw Steve. "Steve, NOOO!" Joe yelled. Two Shearwigs surrounded Steve. Munching noises were heard... but it just turned out to be a leaf!