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Hey all, Rat here!

I'm A Friendly Amprat, an Amprat who loves Pikmin (they're tasty!) and loves coming up with ideas for Pikmin games!

I've been making Pikmin game ideas since I was around four years old, and I've amassed a massive collection of Pikmin fangame concepts over the years! I hope to be documenting some of my ideas here, because I had a lot of cool ideas that I always dreamed of sharing with the world as a kid.

I started Pikmin Fanon editing in early 2024, but I've been browsing this wiki since 2009! Back then, my parents didn't even let me use the internet, so I had to browse when they weren't looking...

My favorite Pikmin fangame on this wiki is Pikmin: Sinister Incinerator! It was a huge inspiration to me as a child, and still influences me to this day.

Though I have tons of Pikmin game ideas I've come up with since I was a small child, I probably won't be giving all or most of them full pages on this wiki. My current focus and project I am currently working on is Pikmin: Antarctic Survival, so it's where I'll be putting the bulk of my energy for the time being.

Note: Antarctic Survival is on a sort of mini-pause for the time being, for the basic reason that I got tired of creating dozens of character pages, especially since I haven't fleshed out these later characters yet. I'm still working on non-character content, though.

Featured Antarctic Survival character
P4 Porquillion.png


Tatoursin is the Porquillion that appears in Pikmin: Antarctic Survival. He is one of the initial characters that start Awakened and usable from the beginning of the story, and he can arguably be considered the main protagonist, as he is the original source of Awakening Essence and the only character who can Awaken other creatures to pacify them.


What I am working on

I am working on a variety of projects, both my own and helping out others.

  • Pikmin: Antarctic Survival
    • Project status: Creating actual pages is more or less on-hold, because all that remains to do for the near future is make character pages. The creation process for this game involves playing an actual session of it, and I haven't been playing it much lately, making it more difficult to develop. Content is being revealed as I reach it in my personal sessions, and there isn't much else to reveal at present. If you want more of Antarctic Survival, check out the character roleplay pages! These are made in the style of if some of the game's characters were users on Pikmin Fanon, and you can get an idea of what these characters are like through their online interactions.
    • My primary project and the first thing I made for this wiki. This is the game I'm most proud of, but it's also a spinoff title with gameplay and story very different from the Pikmin standard.
    • Just for fun, I've made a roleplay where several of the characters from Antarctic Survival have created (fake) Pikmin Fanon accounts and started using the wiki. Witness their activities here.
  • Pikmin III
    • Project status: Pikmin III Adventure has been revealed, and will start updating soon. This is how content for Pikmin III will be released. This is a side project so it isn't as prioritized as my other projects.
    • A more traditional Pikmin game. An alternate follow-up to Pikmin 2 that pays tribute to the classic 2008-2010 era of Pikmin Fanon back when all fangames were made as sequels for Pikmin 2 and generally followed the format of "Pikmin 2 two".
    • This game is inspired by classic Pikmin Fanon games like Pikmin: The After Years and Pikmin 3: The Dweevil's Revenge, as well as inspired by my childhood ideas for Pikmin 3.
    • In other words, yes, it's yet another Amprat "Pikmin 3 take" to add to the list... I haven't made one of these in over ten years. I feel old.
    • "We're making Pikmin."
    • The trailer is out! Link
    • Uniquely, I plan to release information for this game in a special way, unlike most games on this wiki. I will be writing out a story of what a playthrough of this game could look like! It's meant to be similar to and pay tribute to old Pikmin 3 fake walkthroughs, like the Hinsburg one below. Check it out! User:A Friendly Amprat/Pikmin III Adventure
  • Cleaning up Pikmin Fanon
    • Project status:
      • Sinister Incinerator: I'm not doing anything for this right now. I have not really felt like it and didn't want to force anything. Hopefully, I will get to work on the Sinister Incinerator pages soon.
      • Misc. wiki cleanup: I've recently become an administrator on Pikmin Fanon, which is a childhood dream I certainly never expected to happen!! I'm going to be doing more miscellaneous cleanup due to this, not targeting any subject in particular at the moment.
    • I'm working on improving and polishing various wiki pages to improve this wiki's quality and consistency across pages.
    • My efforts are closely connected to Project Clean-Up, which I am actively contributing to.
    • The focus of my cleanup efforts right now is Pikmin: Sinister Incinerator, my favorite fanon game on this wiki.
  • Pikmin 3 (Hinsburg version)
    • Project status: Sort of on hold right now due to de-motivation and prioritizing other projects to work on. I really haven't detailed this enough yet, so I'd like to get more done on it soon. Actually, I could use some help on this one, so if anyone wants to help me document Hinsburg's Pikmin 3, please contact me!!
    • I'm bringing over content from the classic 2008 Pikmin 3 fan interpretation created by Hinsburg, which is found on a GameFAQs thread: "My Pikmin 3 Walkthrough (FAKE)"
    • This is made with permission from Hinsburg, who I am in contact with.
  • Pikmin: Colors

My Pikmin Game Ideas

Most of these are abandoned and I don't work on ideas for them anymore, but I may revisit them someday. Most of them (pre-2013 mainly) are games I came up with when I was a little kid, so they aren't as high quality as my modern standard. I'm including them in this list anyway for completeness's sake, and because there is still a lot that I like about them, even if they're a bit of a mess overall.

More will be added here if I think of them. I'm sure there's games missing from this list because I just don't remember them.

List of my fangames (reverse chronological order):

  • Pikmin III (2024)
    • A fanmade sequel to Pikmin 2. (Yes, in 2024.)
    • It's inspired by my childhood ideas for how Pikmin 3 could look, as well as by the content from the 2008-2010 era of this wiki.
  • Pikmin: Antarctic Survival (2023-present)
    • A city-building game featuring the various wildlife of the Pikmin series as the playable characters
    • Indirectly a sequel to my Pikmin Survival Saga from 2015. It features some of the characters from that game as returning residents in Antarctic Survival.
    • (My current project)
  • Pikmin: Leaves of Soil (2021)
    • An experimental Pikmin game concept I came up with featuring a whole new Pikmin planet with its own Pikmin types
    • This game actually introduced Ice Pikmin over a year before they were revealed for Pikmin 4, as they are one of the new Pikmin types
    • (I'd like to revisit this one at some point)
  • Pokémin (‎2020)
    • A Pikmin game in the style of a Pokémon game, featuring the different Pikmin enemies as its "Pokémon".
  • Pikmin Archipelago (‎2019)
    • An open-world Pikmin 3 sequel exploring vast and distinct islands
    • (I'd like to revisit this one at some point)
  • Louie's Deserted Tale (2018?)
    • A Pikmin 3 sequel picking up directly after the events of Pikmin 3, with Louie being left behind and starting his own journey, as the strange meteor shower above the planet begins to do strange things to the planet's wildlife...
    • (I'd like to revisit this one at some point; however unfortunately I seem to have lost all of the documentation and ideas I made for this game, meaning unless I can find the documents, I won't be able to bring it back.)
  • Pikmin Zoo Revival (‎2017)
    • A remake of a game I made in like 2011; it's a Pikmin game where you can capture wild creatures and bring them to a wildlife zoo you make as you play through the game
  • Pikmin Too (‎2017)
    • A Pikmin 2 game mod that I never finished (but I did complete every cave) featuring 14 all-new caves and an altered game progression
    • I never got around to editing areas and challenge mode levels, though they were planned to be changed as well
  • Pikmintale (2016)
    • A Pikmin game in the style of Undertale (I was going through an Undertale phase at the time)
  • Pikmin Caverns (2016)
    • The direct sequel to Pikmin: Ancient Facility, this game takes place in a deep cavern far underground, and features all-new areas and wildlife
  • Pikmin: Ancient Facility (‎2016)
    • A single-cave game featuring a ten-sublevel cave set in the ruins of an abandoned Koppaite planetary base
  • Pikmin Maker (2016?)
    • A Pikmin editor game similar to Super Mario Maker
  • Pikmin Quest (‎2015)
    • A full-length Pikmin RPG inspired by Xenoblade Chronicles, featuring a new world to explore
    • Four main playable characters are an Antenna Beetle, a Dweevil, a Mamuta, and an Amprat
    • (I'd like to revisit this one at some point)
  • Pikmin 2.5 (2015)
    • A Pikmin 2 DLC pack featuring a new fifth overworld area with three new caves, and plenty of new enemies and treasures
  • Pikmin Survival Saga (2015)
    • A series of Pikmin spinoff games where you play as Bulborbs and various other creatures in an attempt to survive hostile wilderness environments and escape and return home. This series was meant to be a trilogy, however I never ended up making the third game.
  • Min-Craft (2014?)
    • A Minecraft mod adding Pikmin-related features to the game
  • Pikmin 3 Expansion Pak / Pikmin 3.3 (2014)
    • A Pikmin 3 DLC pack featuring 2 new overworld areas, which follows the Pikmin 3 crew returning to PNF-404 after the events of Pikmin 3 to gather more fruit
  • PikiPark II (‎2014)
    • The sequel to PikiPark, featuring Pikmin 3's new creatures
  • Pikmin Tower Defense (2012)
    • A tower defense game with Pikmin characters (hence the name)
  • Pikmin 3 (Amprat's 2011 take) (2011)
    • One of my better pre-Pikmin 3 concepts for how the game could look (I probably had over a dozen Pikmin 3 concepts from 2006 to 2012)
  • Pikmin Kart (Amprat Edition) (2011?)
    • Mario Kart but Pikmin. There's already a game like this on Pikmin Fanon as well.
  • Pokémin Classic (2010?)
    • My original "Pokémin but Pikmin" game idea. It's incredibly bizarre, featuring dozens of completely new enemies (with stolen art) and also characters from the TV show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" for some reason. (Just an example of how weird and out-there my ideas were when I was a child)
  • Pikmin Zoo The Card Game (2010?)
    • A playable card game themed around making a zoo of Pikmin enemies
  • PikiPark (2010)
    • A game directly inspired by the game PokéPark Wii but featuring Pikmin creatures instead of Pokémon
  • Pikmin: The Sprout Collection (2008-2012)
    • A bundle of 5 different Pikmin games, all in one mega-game
  • Waterwraith Wrangler (2008?)
    • A "shooting gallery game" with tower defense elements, centered around defeating and capturing a variety of Wraith-type enemies. Originally conceptualized by me in around 2008, I ended up revisiting and remaking the game concept in 2014, before promptly never touching it again.

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