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Pikmin Forever
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Forever, a fanon game created by Scruffy.
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Day 1

As Olimar lands on the planet, he finds a Red Onion. When he got near it, it produced a Red Pikmin sprout. He used some Pellet Posies to reproduce. Soon, he had 15 Red Pikmin. He explored and found some Dwarf Orange Bulborbs. He defeated them, along with some Female Sheargrubs. Then, one of the many Red Pikmin ignited a fire geyser, turning it into a steam geyser. There, they flew to the next level. There were Male Sheargrubs, Dwarf Orange Bulborbs, and an Orange Bulborb. After that, he discovered a new landing spot past a Mesh fence. After that, he went back to the ship and ended the day.