Watery Well

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Watery Well is a hole in Pikmin: Sagittarius' Adventure. It is located in the Lake of Despair. It is 5 floors deep and the hazards are water, poison and acid. It holds 3 Hocotate files. Only Blue Pikmin can enter since this hole is located underwater.

Sub-level 1

Many Water Dumples swim around here. This floor is like a maze. In one of the corridors, a Hocotate File awaits.

Sub-level 2

This floor has two giant rooms. Both of them of packs of acid open and it is leaking everywhere. Be careful in navigating this area.

Sub-level 3

Another maze floor. This one is bigger and has poison and acid hazards. One of the corridors has a Hocotate File.

Sub-level 4

A strange floor. After running of a cliff, you slowly float down a long tunnel, avoiding swimming enemies, poison, and acid hazards.

Sub-level 5

The final floor. It has two rooms. One where you land, and one with a giant pool. In the pool is the Wollyviathan. After you defeat it, you get awarded with a Hocotate File and the Sharper Blade.

Enemies Encountered