Winterfrost Woods

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Pikmin: Dawn of the Food Chain
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The Winterfrost Woods is the first area in the game Pikmin: Dawn of the Food Chain. It is a woodland area covered in thick pure white snow. It also has snow dangling from the branches that occasionally fall of random places and stun your Pikmin for a short while. This area is home to many ice dwelling enemies and ice related hazards. There is a total of 12 treasures here and 4 dungeons located here.



  • Base: Just your regular average landing sight. The floor is covered in snow obviously, and no enemies will reside in your base (Unless night mode is in place, then you will have Bulbursa and Bulborbs running amok in your base). This is also where you find Red Pikmin.
  • Snow Tree Fields: This part of the area takes up most of the region. It has many trees and is the main part where snow falls off trees. Many enemies reside in nests by the hollow trees. Many Bulbursa Cub(s) are found with adult species and can prove threatening when in groups. Your first treasure is recovered here as well as your first dungeon, the Snowflake Den.
  • Tundra Hills: These hills are tall and are packed with hidden and buried treasures in the hills. Some slopes house Armored Cannon Beetle Larva and Decorated Cannon Beetle Larva species on top of the slopes where it goes downhill shooting rocks. This makes gathering the treasures way more harder than it has to be. You can also find Doodlebug(s) here as well, increasing the difficulty. You can find the second and third dungeons here. The Freezy Farmhole and the Blizzard Battlehole. P.S you also find the tree dugout known as Shivering Trunk
  • The Frozen Lake: This lake is now a frozen rink and has no wildlife on it but a single Grizzly Bulbursa. It is unknown to why it inhabits this lake by itself. But what makes this one special is that it is always awake no matter what day it is.when you kill it, it will give you a treasure! but it only gives you a treasure the first time only. This place has the last cave of the area known as the Icy Interior. That houses many water and ice enemies in it.



  1. Snowflake Den
  2. Freezy Farmhole
  3. Blizzard Battlehole
  4. Icy Interior
  5. Shivering Trunk