Abandoned Pool

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The Abandoned Pool is a structure that appears in Pikmin: Sagittarius' Adventure. It's located in the Lake of Despair. It has 3 floors, but like the Arena of Flames, the size of the floors makes up for it. It's hazards are water and electricity. 2 Hocotate files are kept here.

Sub-level 1

The lobby of the pool/recreational facility. The doors to the pool part are locked. You can still enter the change rooms and bathrooms. There are two staircases at the lobby, so you can go straight to the next floor. If you find the key to the pool, you can enter it and defeat the Ranging Bloyster boss to get awarded with a Hocotate File.

Sub-level 2

This floor has many recreational things, such as fitness rooms, a climbing wall, basketball courts and karate rooms. If you manage to climb to the top of the climbing wall, you will be awarded with a Hocotate File. There is a secret switch in the fitness room that reveals the way to the next floor.

Sub-level 3

The storage room. It is a maze of boxes and dusty, abandoned equipment. At the end is the key to the pool.

Enemies Encountered