Cold Chasm

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The Cold Chasm is the first cave in Frigid Mountain. It is a frozen cavern with dead plants and dangerous icy water. You also find Cyan Pikmin here.


The Cold Chasm has 7 sublevels.

Sublevel 1

This sublevel is fairly small and easy, being four circle-shaped arenas connected by various tunnels. There are three treasures, one is inside a Hairy Bulborb. Simply get these treasures, but watch out for the Snow Bulborbs hiding in the dead plants.


Sublevel 2

The easiest sublevel, it's just a curved path to the exit. There is a treasure encased in ice and another submerged in some cold water. Come back for these when you get Cyan Pikmin.


Sublevel 3

Here's where things get hard. The ship's pod will locate a pair of Teal Candypop Buds on top of a hill. However, there are dangerous beasts surrounding it! Defeat these and throw some Pikmin into the buds, they'll come out as Cyan Pikmin, which are immune to ice and water! You can put these abilities to good use by having them break open a nearby ice block, which contains a treasure! Then, destroy the gate blocking the exit.


Sublevel 4


Sublevel 5


Sublevel 6


Sublevel 7




  • Fire
  • Water
  • Poison
  • Ice