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Experience point
Gameplay aspect

Experience points, sometimes called experience or simply XP, are a gameplay mechanic some fanon Pikmin games use to represent a character's growth in power. Upon accumulating enough experience points, a given character may level up or rise a rank, and their statistics may improve. Some games use experience points as a form of currency with which to purchase upgrades or items.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Before the Impact (StefyG version)

Pikmin: Before the Impact (StefyG version)
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Before the Impact (StefyG version), a fanon game created by StefyG.

Experience points, in Pikmin: Before the Impact, are used to level up characters as well as purchase upgrades. They are earned by defeating enemies and bringing their remains to an Onion or the S.S. Cafe's pod.

Upgrades are used to improve a leader's statistics by making them stronger or faster, providing them with immunities to various hazards, and so on. They are split into four categories, which are gloves, suits, boots, and whistles, and can be purchased with experience points. Spending experience points can result in a character's level going down, but regaining that experience can restore them to their original level.

Leveling up characters is vital to progress in the game. A level-up occurs when a certain number of experience points has been accumulated by a character. Leveling up to different for each leader, but each level up includes improvements to all four main statistics, which are Power, Command, Stealth, and Speed. The maximum level a leader can be is one hundred, where they are unable to gain experience points. However, they can still purchase upgrades unless they already have them all unlocked.