Pikmin: Before the Impact (StefyG version)

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Pikmin: Before the Impact (StefyG version)
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Before the Impact (StefyG version), a fanon game created by StefyG.
For other games of the same name, see Pikmin: Before the Impact.
Pikmin: Before the Impact
PBtI box art.jpg
Rating E
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Wii U
Media Optical disk
Publisher Nintendo, Amazing Randomness
Release dates 2014
Sequel Pikmin 1
Creator StefyG
Collaborators N/A

Pikmin: Before the Impact is an upcoming fan-made Pikmin game for the Wii U. It was announced on August 30th, 2012 and is currently in development by Amazing Randomness. This is their first game. The gameplay and graphics are similar to Pikmin 3's, but minor differences in the control scheme and other things. Some gameplay aspects include experience points, character statistics, upgrades, and environmental hazards.


The plot of Pikmin: Before the Impact is intended to be humorous, and humorous it is. Four close friends, StefyG, Nathaniel, Robert, Brandon, all from planet Canada, really want to purchase a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords for the Wii U. So, they all decide to work at Hocotate Freight. Only weeks later do they receive a very important task from their boss, President Proscow, to deliver two hundred one artifacts to another planet. They are told that they are to be fired if they fail and if all P2 Poko icon.png × 200,000-worth of artifacts isn't delivered to the museum they will not receive their pay. Determined to finish the job successfully or lose everything, they four set off towards the museum.

At some point two days into the mission, StefyG left the cockpit to get a soda. When he returned he bumped into Nathaniel, spilling his soda all over the control board, causing their ship, the S.S. Cafe, to malfunction. In seconds, they crashland on an unknown and uncharted planet. Fortunately, the crew and their ship survived, but the artifacts were nowhere to be found! It was assumed the S.S. Cafe's cargo hold opened during the malfunction, scattering every artifact they had onto the planet's surface. While looking high and low for their lost artifacts, the crew gets attacked by a Red Bulborb. They quickly flee, but Brandon stopped and turned upon hearing the creature scream. A group of Mahogany Pikmin was attacking the bulborb. With the appearance of new allies, StefyG blew his whistle in celebration, and the creatures joined his side in response. The four friends and their Pikmin explored the fast new world they stumbled upon and ventured through its farthest underground reaches for the artifacts that put their careers in the balance.






Pikmin: Before the Impact has a world map filled with five main areas which include misty jungles, beautiful beaches, and calm cherry blossom forests.


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Wii Remote & Nunchuk

  • Wii Remote motion controls: aim.
  • A: grab, hold, and throw Pikmin. When near a Pikmin sprout, pluck Pikmin. When alone, punch.
  • B: whistle. While holding a Pikmin, switch colors.
  • +: summon the pause menu.
  • -: switch leaders.
  • 1: use a power spray.
  • 2: use a sleep spray.
  • D-pad right: turn camera counter-clockwise.
  • D-pad left: turn camera clockwise.
  • D-pad up: zoom in.
  • D-pad down: zoom out.
  • Z: target enemy or object.
  • C: dismiss Pikmin.
  • Shake Nunchuk: charge target.
  • Analog stick: move current leader.

Wii U Gamepad

  • Wii U motion controls: aim.
  • L/R: grab, hold, and throw Pikmin. If near a Pikmin sprout, pluck. Controls depend on the dominant hand specified in the in-game settings and corresponds with ZL and ZR.
  • ZL/ZR: target enemy or item. Controls depend on the dominant hand specified in the in-game settings and corresponds with L and R.
  • D-pad: switch leaders.
  • A: whistle. While holding a Pikmin, switch colors.
  • B: charge target.
  • X: use a power spray.
  • Y: use a sleep spray.
  • L/R analog stick: move current leader or adjust the camera. Which analog stick does what is determined by the dominant hand specified in the in-game settings.
  • +: summon the pause menu.
  • -: dismiss Pikmin.