Giga Volatile Cannon Beetle

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Giga Volatile Cannon Beetle
Family Lithopod

The Giga Volatile Cannon Beetle is a gargantuan mature lithopod that fires explosive boulders.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Invasion of the Giants

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Invasion of the Giants, a fanon game created by Peach Bulborb.
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Giga Volatile Armored Cannon Beetle The icon used to represent this enemy.
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Scientific name Unknown
Family Lithopod
Caves Booming Cavern
Attacks Fires homing explosive boulders

The Giga Volatile Armored Cannon Beetle is an incredibly massive lithopod, specifically a Volatile Armored Cannon Beetle, appearing in Pikmin: Invasion of the Giants. It is the boss of Booming Cavern and is found on its fourth and final sublevel.

Although it looks like any other adult cannon beetle, the Giga Volatile Armored Cannon Beetle's size alone necessitates a new, complicated strategy against it as its blowhole is too high up for Pikmin to reach from a throw from the ground and too large for Pikmin to become lodged in. Have one leader take all the Pikmin and stay somewhere safe, but close, to the creature, while the other leader goes alone. The lone leader should approach the Giga Volatile Armored Cannon Beetle to catch its attention, but beware its massive feet as, although they move slowly, being stepped on by them will inflict much damage. The beast will then inhale through its blowhole to spit a homing bomb rock from its mouth at the lone leader. Around the edge of the chamber is a ramp that leads up to a large platform that is suspended from the ceiling, and this is where the explosive boulder should be led. If the bomb rock hits a wall or rolls off the ramp at any point, it will begin to flash before, after a small delay, it detonates. After getting the object up the ramp and onto the platform, run in circles to keep it there until the Giga Volatile Armored Cannon Beetle notices the lone leader. It will inhale to fire another bomb rock at the lone leader, and the moment it begins to do so, the lone leader should move in such a way that the bomb rock gets pulled in by the suction. If executed correctly, the bomb rock will be sucked up and then detonate inside of the beast, stunning it and causing it to expose its vulnerable backside, which the leader with the Pikmin can throw their group up at to attack.

After the Giga Volatile Armored Cannon Beetle closes its wing casings, the entire process must be repeated. The cycle only needs to be done a minimum of three times with a big-enough Pikmin squad before the creature dies and it regurgitates the Boom Guard, which renders leaders immune to damage from explosions.


Olimar's notes

This is one of the many lithopods that live on this planet. Although originally it was believed that there are three stages of a lithopod's life cycle, this is groundbreaking proof that a fourth stage of the life cycle exists. Whereas females lay eggs and then die, males under the right conditions can form into the third and most dangerous stage, which I have named the giga stage.

Louie's notes

Chop up the underside into little bits, then cook over a stove in a pan. Once pleasingly brown, mix in olives, cracked burrowing snagret eggs, and lightly season with garlic. Freeze for twenty minutes, and then thaw for ten. Stick into an oven after drizzling with barbecue sauce. Cook for thirty minutes at four hundred degrees. If it doesn't explode in the oven, take out and serve a mouthwatering meal fit for kings and captains alike!