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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Boulder" article for more official information.

Boulders are obstacles and are large rocks that fall from the sky, often in groups, and can crush anything they land on. They can be identified by the growing shadow they cast on the floor as they fall, as well as the sliding whistle sound that accompanies their descent. These signs give leaders and their Pikmin a warning to get out of the way. Rock Pikmin and Pikmin similar to them are also immune to boulders. With ideal placing and timing, boulders can be used to deal massive damage to enemies they land on top of.


The following can trigger a boulder to fall from the sky:

  • In caves, boulders can fall from the ceiling when a leader or Pikmin gets close to them.
  • Enemies such as the Empress Bulblax and the Segmented Crawbster can make boulders fall from the ceiling when they slam against a wall.