Lithopod family

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "lithopod family" article for more official information.

The lithopod family consists of creatures that can spit or spew a variety of substances, usually in the form of a ball, from their mouths.


Acidic Cannon Beetle

Main article: Acidic Cannon Beetle

The Acidic Cannon Beetle spits acid balls.

Aqua Cannon Beetle

Main article: Aqua Cannon Beetle

The Aqua Cannon Beetle blows large bubbles Pikmin can be trapped within.

Aqua Cannon Larva

Main article: Aqua Cannon Larva

The Aqua Cannon Larva blows large bubbles Pikmin can be trapped within.

Arctic Cannon Beetle

Main article: Arctic Cannon Beetle

The Arctic Cannon Beetle inhales Pikmin and fires large snowballs.

Arctic Cannon Larva

Main article: Arctic Cannon Larva

The Arctic Cannon Larva fires snowballs.

Arenose Cannon Larva

Main article: Arenose Cannon Larva

The Arenose Cannon Larva shoots sand balls.

Armored Cannon Beetle

Main article: Armored Cannon Beetle

The Armored Cannon Beetle inhales before it fires large boulders at Pikmin.

Armored Cannon Larva

Main article: Armored Cannon Larva

The Armored Cannon Larva fires boulders at Pikmin.

Bombardier Bug

Main article: Bombardier Bug

The Bombardier Bug shoots bomb rocks.

Bombardier Cannon Larva

Main article: Bombardier Cannon Larva

The Bombardier Cannon Larva spits potentially explosive boulders in an arc.

Bronzed Cannon Beetle

Main article: Bronzed Cannon Beetle

The Bronzed Cannon Beetle spits explosive boulders in an arc and spews fire from its sides.

Bronzed Cannon Larva

Main article: Bronzed Cannon Larva

The Bronzed Cannon Larva spits explosive boulders in an arc.

Decorated Cannon Beetle

Main article: Decorated Cannon Beetle

The Decorated Cannon Beetle fires magnetic boulders.

Decorated Cannon Larva

Main article: Decorated Cannon Larva

The Decorated Cannon Larva fires magnetic boulders.

Diamond Cannon Beetle

Main article: Diamond Cannon Beetle

The Diamond Cannon Beetle shoots crystal nodules.

Diamond Cannon Larva

Main article: Diamond Cannon Larva

The Diamond Cannon Larva spits out crystal nodules.

Emperor Cannon Larva

Main article: Emperor Cannon Larva

The Emperor Cannon Larva is a lithopod patriarch that spits normal and magnetic boulders.

Enraged Cannon Beetle

Main article: Enraged Cannon Beetle

The Enraged Cannon Beetle has a bad temper.

Enraged Cannon Larva

Main article: Enraged Cannon Larva

The Enraged Cannon Larva has a bad temper.

Firesnout Larva

Main article: Firesnout Larva

The Firesnout Larva can breathe fire.

Galvanic Blaster Beetle

Main article: Galvanic Blaster Beetle

The Galvanic Blaster Beetle shoots balls of, and may discharge, electricity.

Galvanic Blaster Larva

Main article: Galvanic Blaster Larva

The Galvanic Blaster Larva shoots balls of, and may discharge, electricity.

Garish Cannon Larva

Main article: Garish Cannon Larva

The Garish Cannon Larva has a remarkably lurid coloration.

Giga Volatile Cannon Beetle

Main article: Giga Volatile Cannon Beetle

The Giga Volatile Cannon Beetle is a massive lithopod that fires explosive boulders.

Glittering Cannon Beetle

Main article: Glittering Cannon Beetle

The Glittering Cannon Beetle is named after its sparkling exoskeleton.

Golden Cannon Larva

Main article: Golden Cannon Larva

The Golden Cannon Larva has a remarkably golden coloration.

Horned Cannon Beetle

Main article: Horned Cannon Beetle

The Horned Cannon Beetle takes a noticeably long time to inhale and spits out large boulders.

Icy Cannon Larva

Main article: Icy Cannon Larva

The Icy Cannon Larva spits icy snowballs capable of crushing Pikmin.


Main article: Lithomin

Lithomin is a lithopod infected by a parasitic Pikmin.

Midnight Cannon Beetle

Main article: Midnight Cannon Beetle

The Midnight Cannon Beetle spits out poison-covered boulders.

Midnight Cannon Larva

Main article: Midnight Cannon Larva

The Midnight Cannon Larva spits out balls of poison.

Mossroll Cannon Beetle

Main article: Mossroll Cannon Beetle

The Mossroll Cannon Beetle spits moss-coated boulders that wobble as they travel.

Orange Cannon Larva

Main article: Orange Cannon Larva

The Orange Cannon Larva has a distinctly orange coloration.

Planetoid Turret

Main article: Planetoid Turret

The Planetoid Turret is an extraterrestrial, potentially parasitic lithopod.

Roaring Siren Beetle

Main article: Roaring Siren Beetle

The Roaring Siren Beetle can generate a loud roaring sound to scare predators away and panic Pikmin.

Shrieking Lithe Grub

Main article: Shrieking Lithe Grub

The Shrieking Lithe Grub can generate a loud shrieking sound to scare predators away and panic Pikmin.

Strong-Armed Cannon Beetle

Main article: Strong-Armed Cannon Beetle

The Strong-Armed Cannon Beetle has a weaker carapace.

Sulfurous Cannon Larva

Main article: Sulfurous Cannon Larva

The Sulfurous Cannon Larva spits balls of poisonous dung.

Tropical Cannon Beetle

Main article: Tropical Cannon Beetle

The Tropical Cannon Beetle spits boulders and produces adhesive.

Volatile Cannon Beetle

Main article: Volatile Cannon Beetle

The Volatile Cannon Beetle fires explosive boulders.

Volatile Cannon Larva

Main article: Volatile Cannon Larva

The Volatile Cannon Larva fires explosive boulders.