Hole of Paradox

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The Hole of Pain is the recommended second cave of Pikoblitz. This dungeon is found in the Tranquility Garden and is home to many semi-easy-to-defeat creatures. Most of its sublevels have a garden-like appearance, making it look like it is outside. However, the final two sublevels hold the scenery of a basic dungeon.

Sublevels:5 Treasures: 8

Sublevel 1

Treasures: 2

Sublevel 2

Treasures: 2

  • Fire Vents X 4
  • Water Ponds X 2

Sublevel 3

Treasures: 1

  • Fire Vents X 3
  • Water Ponds X 3

Sublevel 4

Treasures: 2

  • Poison Generator X4

Sublevel 5

Treasures: 1

  • Goods Radar (Treasure Detector Upgrade) 110 pokos (Boss)