Tranquility Garden (Pikoblitz)

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For other locations of the same name, see Tranquility Garden.

Tranquility Garden is the second area in Pikoblitz. This location is what appears to be the remains of someone's garden. It has several noteworthy features such as beautiful foliage and pipes which allow water to reach it. Yellow Pikmin and Purple Pikmin are found here. Several types of gates are in your way, it is useful to have an assortment of Pikmin by your side.


Pikmin Found



  • Outdated Mainbrain (Calculator) 80 pokos (15 pikmin)
  • Writer's Savior (Container of White-Out) 65 pokos (10 pikmin)
  • Remembrance Statue (Super Mario Figure) 150 pokos (15 pikmin)
  • Spice Blossom (Rose without Stem) 90 pokos (6 pikmin)
  • Gambler Gate (Playing Card(Ace) 50 pokos(1 Pikmin)
  • Savior Emblem (Coca-Cola Bottlecap) 65 pokos (8 Pikmin)
  • Anti-Rigor Chart (1/2 Electronic Map/Upgrade) 230 pokos(40 pikmin)