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Appearance in Hey! Pikmin.

The jetpack is a device that allows leaders to glide through the air, such as to cross gaps, reach higher elevations, or bypass enemies. It can only be used for a limited time each flight, and activating the jetpack will also order any Pikmin, except Winged Pikmin, that are following a leader to stand in place, similarly to dismissing them, though Pikmin in this state do not take care of tasks. The jetpack can not be used underwater.

In fanon games

Below this point is where users place their version of jetpacks.

In Pikmin: Doomed Time

Doomed Time
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Doomed Time, a fanon game created by Pikness34.

In Pikmin: Doomed Time, the jetpack is gained after collecting the Reacto Thruster, which is the base of a model rocket and requires the strength of 550 Pikmin to lift. The Reacto Thruster itself is located on the final sublevel of Regret Abyss, guarded by a Red Bulborb and the boss, a Titanius Bulborb. It appears that the technology used to create the Reacto Thruster has never been created on Hocotate, despite all of its advanced technology. Upon delivering the Reacto Thruster to the ship, it reveals its greed, as Olimar tells the ship to protect Hocotate's environment by never using the item there and to sell it to a museum, and the ship replies by asking why a museum.

Processing... Pah! They may pay more, but...




Payload of profits!!! Yum!!!

Error: [Yum] not detected."

– The ship, analyzing the Reacto Thruster

Each of the four leaders, who are Olimar, Pikness, the President, and Louie, receive a unique jetpack after the Reacto Thruster is collected. The jetpacks become part of each leader's life support system strapped to their back, giving them their color, and convert oxygen and nitrogen into thrust, propelling the leaders using them into the air. Leaders can be hit by some enemy attacks while in the air, which causes them to crash to the ground, damaging them. The shop at the H5-74 Orbiting Docking Bay sells items that can be used with some jetpack models.

Olimar's jetpack is the most basic model. It is slow, having a top speed of 3.74 miles per hour, but is maneuverable, having a very fast turning speed. Because it can eject smoke packs, Olimar can make quick escapes by creating a smokescreen with them.

Pikness's jetpack features a set of retractable fins that feature an additional thruster each. Its top speed is four miles per hour but it has a slow turn speed. Pikness can fire darts from it to temporarily slow most enemies hit by them.

The President's jetpack features two pairs of retractable fins that each feature an additional thruster and are oriented in an X shape. It is fast and highly maneuverable, having a top speed of 4.3 miles per hour and a very fast turning speed. From it, the President can fire a flare to create a bright light source, also prompting a rescue team to arrive at the destination it was used when fired into the air outside if the President is the last leader standing.

Louie's jetpack features two retractable fins. It has a top speed of 3.89 miles per hour, and a very fast turning speed. It features a built-in mechanism called the bite taker that, when activated, delivers food into Louie's mouth, restoring half of his maximum health.