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Family Unknown

The Morpher is a creature that can shapeshift.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Redemption

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Morpher The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Morpheous
Family Changiner
Attacks Transforms into other lifeforms

The Morpher is a creature in Pikmin: Redemption that possesses the ability to shapeshift into enemies, vegetation, and even leaders and Pikmin. Most of the boss fights in Challenge Mode are against a Morpher. The Morpher is comprised of a gelatin-like substance, and in its default form, is purple and has three eyes, four tentacle-arms, and two legs.


Olimar's notes

Added to the list of unusual creatures on this strange planet is the morpher. It appears to be made of a gelatin-like substance, much like the waterwraith. Most of the specimens encountered are in the Pit of Redemption, at the end of these trying caves. Morphers have three eyes, four arms that look like tentacles, two legs, and are colored purple. Whenever I bring purple Pikmin near the creature, they seem to want to be tossed at it. Perhaps this is a way to defeat it...

Louie's notes

This creature is perfect for making jellies, gelatins, and marzipan. However, it has little to no taste depending on the specimen. Food colorings and flavor additives are the only way to provide your guests with a dish they will remember.