Murky Spring

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The Murky Spring is the third area in Pikoblitz. This location, as its title implies, quite a bit of this area is drowned in water. Two types of Pikmin are introduced here. These Pikmin would be Blue Pikmin and Green Pikmin, both found on land. Blue Pikmin will work to your advantage in this area, for they are resistant to the hazard of water.


Pikmin Found



  • Tasteful Sweetheart (Cherries) 65 pokos(4 pikmin)
  • Emblem of Energy (Vlasic Pickle Jar Cap) 100 pokos(15 Pikmin)
  • Jewel of Despair (Ring with blue triangle) 100 pokos (10 pikmin)(Enemy)
  • Impatience (Small Hourglass) 80 pokos(20 pikmin)
  • Highest Degree (Thermometer) 70 pokos(6 pikmin)
  • Crawmad Condominium (Crab Shell) 55 pokos(8 pikmin)