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One Pikmin
This article or section presents information pertaining to One Pikmin, a fanon game created by Piki1.
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Here is the complete story of the game, One Pikmin.



Taken from the instruction booklet:

  • The Distant Planet is in ruins. Not a trace of Pikmin life remains it seems. Bulborbs and other beasts roam the planet with freedom. The world has been taken over by Black Death. An entity that has no form and no motive. The world has hope though, as there is still one Pikmin leaf sprouting out of the soft Earth...

Act 1: The New Hope

At the beginning, a single-leafed Red Pikmin comes out of the ground in the middle of the Bulban Ruins. The Red Pikmin looks around at his surroundings and then heads forward down the hall in front of him. While traveling, he picks up some treasure and a weapon called the Spiky Thorn. The Pikmin notices the exit. He dashes forward but gets ambushed by one Dwarf Bulborb. The Pikmin defeats the Bulborb in a tutorial battle.

After the battle, the Pikmin leaves the ruins and heads to the Forest of Hope. He continues to find treasure and level up. In the heart of the forest, he finds a Pink Pikmin imprisoned by three Dwarf Bulborbs. The Red Pikmin defeats the Bulborbs and saves the Pink Pikmin. She tells the Red Pikmin about the unknown ruler of the world, Black Death. She wants to destroy him and bring the world back to how it used to be. The Red Pikmin decides to help the Pink Pikmin. They both head to BD Fortress. Once they arrive, they realize the door is locked. The shapes on the door suggest that Seven seed-like objects must be put into the holes to open the door. The Pink Pikmin remembers seeing a seed-like object as the symbol of the Gestahlborb City. The two Pikmin head back to the Forest of Hope.

Act 2: Gestahlborb Falls

The Pikmin go a different way through the Forest Hope and head down the Road of Bulborbs. They defeat many Bulborbs and collect lots of treasure along the way. The Pikmin finally reach the Gestahlborb Outskirts where they are unfortunately captured and thrown in the Prison Catacombs by 2 Guard Borbs.

Inside the cells deep in the maze. The Red Pikmin has a rage outburst where he accidentally bursts into flames. Surprised at this power, the Red Pikmin devises a cunning plan. When two Guard Borbs take the Pikmin to the Execution Room. When they are getting taken, the Red Pikmin bursts into flames again and burns the Guard Borbs, killing them. The Red Pikmin takes the guard's keys and frees the Pink Pikmin. Together they get their items and weapons back and continue through the catacombs.

They eventually reach the Execution Room where they fight and defeat the Executioner. After the battle, they leave the prison and emerge into the Gestahlborb City. The Pikmin kill two Guard Borbs and use the armour as a disguise. With the disguises, they sneak into Gestahlborb Castle. But their plan fails soon when two Sentry Borbs notice their short stature. The Pikmin are forced to sneak through the castle. After getting lots of treasure and defeating many Bulborbs, the Pikmin finally reach the throne room.

The Pink Pikmin notices the first seed above the throne. She runs for it but gets squashed by Gestahlborb, the tyrant ruler of the Forest of Hope area. The Red Pikmin is enraged and engaged Gestahlborb in battle. After a tough fight, Gestahlborb falls over and dies. The Red Pikmin plucks the Pink Pikmin out of the ground. She is still alive. The two hop on to the top of the throne and snag the first seed key. The throne falls over and reveals an underground passage way, which the Pikmin take. Meanwhile, Black Death is impressed with the Pikmin's progress. He sends one of his agents to assassinate the Pikmin.

Act 3: The Assassin

The Pikmin explore the underground passage way and eventually find their way out. Unfortunately, they emerge in the center of Gestahlborb City, surrounded by many angry Red Bulborbs. After defeating 4 of them, the Pikmin escape the city. While travelling back down the Road of Bulborbs, Black Death's assassin jumps off a tree and strikes the Pink Pikmin's head with the butt of his knife. The assassin grabs the Red Pikmin's neck and begins hauling him away. At the last second before his capture, the Red Pikmin tosses the unconscious Pink Pikmin into the river where she drifts away.

The Pink Pikmin wakes up in a tree-like house. She gets out of bed but is stopped by a Green Pikmin. He tells the Pink Pikmin that he nursed her to health. He also told her that he noticed a Red Pikmin being carried away by a weirdly dressed creature. The Pink Pikmin tells the Green Pikmin that the Red Pikmin is her friend and she wants to save him. The Green Pikmin says that the creature entered the Pit of Death in the middle of the Desert of Death. The Green Pikmin joins the Pink Pikmin. They leave the house and emerge in the Forest of Hope.

They head down the path to the Desert of Death. They solve the puzzles and defeat many enemies in the way. The Pikmin eventually reach the centre of the desert and defeat the Great Sand Dweevil blocking the way to the pit. After some hesitation, they enter. After descending to the bottom of the pit, they find the Red Pikmin chained up to the head of a giant human skull. The Pikmin climb to the top of the skull and examine the chains. They free the Red Pikmin and begin ascending the pit. But as they're climbing, the rope they are on snaps and they fall back to the bottom.

The Pikmin look up and see the assassin laughing. He says that he cut the rope and tells them that they will turn into food for the beast. The giant human skull rises up, it's body is rotting flesh of a young woman who's head has already rotten. She tells the group that her name is Athaka and she was brought back to life by Black Death. She fights the party but is defeated. Her limbs fall of and she again rests at the bottom of the pit. The party climb her slumping body to a new room in the pit. At the end of the room, the party finds a casket. They open the casket and find the second seed key. The room rumbles and shoots up, sending them flying high into the sky. Meanwhile, the assassin returns to Black Death. He tells Black Death that he failed. Black Death sends him to his room for awhile. Black Death then continues to watch the progress of the Pikmin.

Act 4: Bloody River

The Pikmin fall from the sky onto the beach surrounding Blue Lake. The Green Pikmin suggests going to the friendly Bulborb town nearby. The party heads to the town. While at the town, the party hears of stories about a giant Wollywog with a seed on its head. The party asks the village elder where they can find the Wollywog, and he says in the Great River Cave is a Wollywog nest that could be the giant Wollywog's. The party gathers supplies and head down the Great River.

As they're going down it, Black Death appears in front of the party. He tells the party that they won't survive. He then drops bleeding, dead Bulborb bodies in and around the river. The river quickly becomes filled with thick, warm blood. Unable to move on because the party can't swim in blood, they set up camp.

During the night, the Bulborb bodies become reanimated and begin to attack the party. The party defeats them and the Zombie Bulborb Chief. The Pink Pikmin gets disgusted and suggests that they build a raft to ride down the Bloody River. The party agrees and they spread out and gather the materials. The party puts the materials together and finish the raft. The party rides down the river while defeating and passing dead Bulborbs. They finally reach the end and find the cave entrance blocked by dead bodies. The Green Pikmin shoots acid and melts the bodies. The party rides into the cave and navigates it until they finally reach the end. At the end, the party fights and defeats the giant Wollywog and win. They get the third seed key. The party now wonders how to escape. Black Death appears again and makes the water/blood level rise. The party quickly drowns in the blood...

Act 5: Corruption

It seems the party had lost hope, but at the last second before they drown, the friendly Bulborb chief and 2 other friendly Bulborbs blow up the ceiling of the cave with some bomb rocks. They drop a rope and the party starts climbing it. But then, Black Death appears again and captures the Red Pikmin.

At the roof of the cave, the Bulborbs tell the two Pikmin that there is a place deep in the jungle surrounding Blue Lake called the Corruption Facility. They think the Red Pikmin was taken there to get corrupted and become part of Black Death's army. The party heads back to the village of friendly Bulborbs and then head to the Bada Jungle.

While heading through the jungle, the party meets some Tribal Pikmin. They tell the party about a beast called the Hairy Bulborb that is terrorizing the tribe. The party heads to it's den and kills it. When they get back, many Tribal Pikmin lay dead and a few are alive. The chief says that Black Death came and killed many of the Pikmin and he captured some to corrupt. The chief tells the party to go to the Corruption Facility to save the survivors.

The party eventually reaches the facility and break down the door. After going through many traps and solve many puzzles, the party reaches the machine that controls the facility. It comes to life and attacks the party. After it's defeat, all the imprisoned Pikmin escape, including the Red Pikmin. The facility blows up and the fourth seed key falls into the party's hands. Later on, the party discovers that the Red Pikmin somehow levelled up to the same level as the rest of the party. They head back to the friendly Bulborb village for a little surprise...

Act 6: Volcanic!

When the party returns to the friendly Bulborb village, they find it completely covered in volcanic ash! The party talks to the chief and he says that once every 100 years, the Great Volcano erupts, destroying almost everything around it. He also says there was a bright flash that appeared over the volcano, right before it erupted. With nothing better to do, the party re-enters the Bada Jungle and this time, head in the direction of the volcano.

The section the party travels in gets more and more filled lava, forcing them to watch thier footing so they don't get incinerated. After a long walk, they finally reach the base of the volcano. They climb to the top and find a petrified beast. In front of the beast, the party sees a weird mage guy. He turns around and tells the party that his name is That Weird Mage Guy, or TWMG. He says that this beast holds a strange glowing seed. He also says that his master, Black Death wants it, now. The party kills TWMG and the beast awakens.

It breaks out of it's petrified shell and hops into the crater where the lava erupts out of. The party goes in after it. After defeating many familiar previous Pikmin game bosses, the party reached the bottom. They murder the beast and get the fifth seed key. But right at the beast's death, the volcano begins to erupt again! Apparently the old chief dude's predictions are wrong. The party gets shot out to a distant island in the centre of Blue Lake...

Act 7: Land of Illusionssssssssss

The party lands in a strange place and is seperated by the fall. The Red Pikmin lands in a place that resembles Bulban Ruins. The Pink Pikmin lands in a place that looks like The Forest of Hope. The Green Pikmin lands in a place that looks like his old home.

The Red Pikmin gets up and begins to leave. After defeating many easy enemies, he arrives at the exit. He goes through the exit but strangely appears at the bottom of the Pit of Death. He tries to get out but there is no rope or staircase. He then feels cold fingers wrap around his waist. He turns around and sees Athaka. She picks him up and eats him...

The Pink Pikmin knows all about the Forest of Hope. She saw the Red Pikmin land in the south, so she goes there. After defeating many kind of strong enemies, she arrives at the entrance of the Bulban Ruins. She begins walking toward it, but the closer she gets to it, the further away it moves. The Pink Pikmin then collapses...

The Green Pikmin is excited about seeing is mother again. He heads to her apartment and opens the door. But when he enters, his mom isn't there. He knows this is weird because his mom never leaves her apartment. He wanders around and then decides to open the closet. When the Green Pikmin opens it, he finds bloody handprints on the wall, and even more creepy, his girlfriend's head hangs with no body...

When the Red Pikmin wakes up, he notices that he is laying on top of the Corruption Facility. The Red Pikmin immediately notices that something is wrong because the Corruption Facility blew up. He jumps down and walks a little bit north. He finds the Pink Pikmin and he wakes her up. He tells her that this place is fake and is a illusion. She gets up and the two begin looking for the Green Pikmin.

They find him crying on the ground. The Red Pikmin taps his shoulder and tells him that this place is all an illusion. At that moment, the illusion disappears and reveals that the island was just a large patch of sand in the middle of Blue Lake. In the middle of the island is a large tower with bright lights on it saying the Tower of Illusions. The party then enters it.

After many tough trials and fights, the party finally reaches the top. On the wall, the sixth seed key is hung. The party heads forward but is stopped by a large hooded figure. He tells the party that he is the Guardian of The Seed. He also says that if the party takes the seed, this island will be destroyed. Since they need the key, the party defeats the Guardian and get the seed. The tower fades away and the party falls into a hole. In the hole, the Green Pikmin tells the party that is they follow the tunnel, they will arrive back at the Forest of Hope. They follow the tunnel.


The party travels through the tunnel and after a loooong walk, they emerge in the Forest of Hope. When they are there, the Green Pikmin tells the others that he knows where the last seed key is. It is in his old home, District P13, an organization of rebel Pikmin aiming to over throw Black Death. They couldn't before because they didn't have the six other seed keys. The party agrees to go there.

They head to the Bulban Ruins because that is where the secret entrance is. Strangely, the Bulban Ruins is filled with very tough enemies. The party fights their way to where the Red Pikmin began his adventure. Once they make it there, the Green Pikmin pulls a hidden switch and a hole appears in the middle of the room. The party jumps down and defeats a Omega Crawmad blocking the way and they enter the base.

Once inside, the Green Pikmin takes the others to the president's office. He introduces them to President Koin, the female Grey Pikmin leader of district. He tells the president that they found the other six seed keys and the gives them to her. But the president doesn't trust the Red Pikmin and Pink Pikmin, so she tells them to do a "errand" for her. She says that she captured a hostile Giga Bulbear and put him in the District Jail. She wants the two Pikmin to kill him for her. The two Pikmin agree.

They enter the jail but find out the Giga Bulbear escaped the cell. Now every Pikmin in the base was being hunted. After the two Pikmin sneak up on the Giga Bulbear and kill it, the President awards them and now trusts them.

After many councils and negotiations, the District finally devises a plan...

Act 9: The Finale?

It turns out that the plan is that President Koin will join the party, armed with a Pikgun. But before they leave the District, a message from Black Death appears on the main screen. It says that District P13 has been found and Black Death is sending many Corruption Pikmin to it. Every Pikmin gets armed, including children. They head to thier assigned spots and await the assault...

The Corruption Pikmin army breaks through and every Pikmin begins to fight. After defeating many Corruption Pikmin, the party fights the leader. The assassin from earlier is leading the assault, and he reveals his name as Assassinatya. After a tough fight he is ultimately killed and the enemy army retreats.

The party leaves the District and get to the entrance of BD Fortress. The seed keys enter the locks and the massive doors swing open. When the party enters the fortress, a ball of light comes from the seed keys. It tells the party that it is the Spirit of Light and will fill all these plot holes:

In the beginning of the end, Black Death's brother and father got killed, and Black Death drowned in Blue Lake. Then, a mysterious force corrupted the dead body of Black Death, who's real name was Pikiki. After doing some research, Black Death discovered the power of Yix, the force that keeps the planet together. Black Death built this very fortress and began sucking the power. After sucking tons of Yix, Black Death got complete control of the corruption. He began corrupting other Pikmin to make a army to destroy the world. Many Pikmin hid underground, that is how District P13 was made. A certain Pikmin, however, never for corrupted or survived the war. This Pikmin was Pikiki's mom. She took one more pellet and made another Red Pikmin and then planted him in Bulban Ruins, unknowing putting him above District P13. Yes, that's right little Red, you are Black Death's brother.

The Spirit of Light disappears and the party finds it hard to take that in, but they move on. After passing many tricks and traps and defeating many enemies, the party reaches the middle of the fortress.

At that moment, President Koin stops and begins to laugh. The party turns around and President Koin tells the others that she was never a Pikmin, but a monster. She transforms into Queen Grey Goolix, a giant Grey Goolix with random trash and Pikmin limbs floating in her body. She is defeated and the remaining Pikmin continue on...

The long adventure finally comes to an end as the party finally reaches Black Death's room. They find him still hooked up to his Yix sucking machine. He greets the party and complements them on getting this far. He then channels the power of Yix and fights the party. After a long battle, Black Death tries to channel the power once more but fails and all the Yix in the centre of the world consumes Black Death.

The beast that emerges from Black Death's body is the Living Yix, a monster that seeks to kill everything to return the world to it's original state so life can start anew. The party fights and defeats the monster and it returns to the centre of the world. All evil is then eliminated. The fortress collapses and the party escapes in time.

The party is crowned the three leaders of District P13 and the Red and Pink Pikmin get married. But there is one question that still lurks in the back of their mind, If Black Death isn't the cause of the corruption, then who is?

Optional: Act 10: The Truth Revealed

Note: Once the player beats the game, they can freely explore. These events happen once a certain event is triggered.

The party leaves District P13 and re-enter Bulban Ruins. They find yet another hidden switch that opens up a hidden altar. On the altar is the Book of Bulban. After reading it, the party gets highly suspicsous of the religion, as the book contains hints of the corruption and how it started. The book also says that 6 tablets can be found around the world to open a certain secret. With nothing left to do, the party decides to search for the tablets.

The Green Pikmin gets bored of searching and finding nothing, so he and the party head to his tree home. It is late so they decide to sleep there.

During the night, the Green Pikmin finds a strange key underneath the floorboards. He wakes the party up and unlocks the mysterious door at the back of his house. They head through the door and enter the Decaying Forest.

Apparently the defeat of Living Yix did not erase all evil. Extremely strong enemies live inside the Decaying Forest. The party fights their way through and finally reach a shrine at the back.

Inside the shrine is the first tablet the book talked about. Before they can get their hands on it, the party is attacked by the Titan Dweevil, complete with all his weapons. The party defeats it and they pick up the tablet.

The Book of Bulban starts glowing and floats out of the party's inventory. It opens up and reveals a face. It tells the party to head to the Ancient Pyramid to get the next tablet. The book then re-enters the party's inventory.

The party leaves the forest and re-enter the Desert of Death. They eventually find the Ancient Pyramid. The Book of Bulban opens the door and the party enters it.

They solve puzzles and defeat many enemies. After awhile, they reach the end of the pyramid. They see the second tablet laying in the centre of a large obelisk. The party reaches for it, but then it turns out that the obelisk is actually the Obelisk Burrow-nit. They defeat it and take the second tablet. The ground opens up and the party falls into it...

The party falls into the Pit of Death. It seems some of it ran beneath the pyramid. The party finds the exit and leave the pit.

The Book of Bulban comes out of the party's inventory and tells them to head to Blue Lake, where the next tablet is. The book shoots a beam that splits apart the mountain range, making an easy access path to the lake. The book then re-enters the party's inventory.

The party makes a poorly made submarine out of wood and then throw it into the lake. They use it and enter Deep Blue Lake.

Half way through the trek, a leak appears in the submarine. The party has a small amount of time to make it to the bottom. Before long, they make it to the bottom.

The party defeats the mysterious Morpheel and get the third tablet. But then, the submarine bursts...

To be continued...