Orange Spear-nit

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Orange Spear-nit
Family Burrow-nit

The Orange Spear-nit is a species of orange burrow-nit that thrusts out several small snares to impale Pikmin on.

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Portal-Kombat's version

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Orange Spear-nit The icon used to represent this enemy.
Orange Spear-nit.png
Scientific name Trilobitins mandibulos
Family Burrow-nit
Areas Vacation Spot (night), Danger Island (day and night)
Caves Abyss of Horrors
Carry weight 2
Max. carriers 3
Seed worth 5
Poko value P2 Poko icon.png × 4
Attacks Skewers and eats Pikmin

Orange Spear-nits are small creatures that resemble sheargrubs but are in actuality a species of burrow-nit. These creatures can thrust out from their mandibles multiple blue snares to catch many Pikmin on at once. Their small size and high vitality make them extremely annoying and dangerous, especially because of the speed at which they emerge from the ground.