Burrow-nit family

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "burrow-nit family" article for more official information.

The burrow-nit family consists of armored insects known for their proboscises and colorful shells.


Acidic Burrow-nit

Main article: Acidic Burrow-nit

The Acidic Burrow-nit is a burrow-nit covered in a corrosive acid.

Ambush Burrow-nit

Main article: Ambush Burrow-nit

The Ambush Burrow-nit hides in the dirt to ambush prey.

Ceramic Joustmite

Main article: Ceramic Joustmite

The Ceramic Joustmite has a ceramic shell that can be destroyed.

Cloaking Burrow-nit

Main article: Cloaking Burrow-nit

The Cloaking Burrow-nit has a protective shell on its backside.

Dino Burrow-nit

Main article: Dino Burrow-nit

The Dino Burrow-nit is a prehistoric burrow-nit.

Father Joustmite

Main article: Father Joustmite

The Father Joustmite is a burrow-nit patriarch.

Flighty Joustmite

Main article: Flighty Joustmite

The Flighty Joustmite is capable of flight.

Furious Burrow-nit

Main article: Furious Burrow-nit

The Furious Burrow-nit is a stronger version of the Cloaking Burrow-nit.

Hypnotic Burrow-nit

Main article: Hypnotic Burrow-nit

The Hypnotic Burrow-nit can hypnotize Pikmin with its shell.


Main article: Joustmite

The Joustmite has a protective shell on its frontside.

Jungle Burrow-nit

Main article: Jungle Burrow-nit

The Jungle Burrow-nit can use acid to harm its attackers.

Luminous Joustmite

Main article: Luminous Joustmite

The Luminous Joustmite can emit light from its body.

Mother Joustmite

Main article: Mother Joustmite

The Mother Joustmite is a burrow-nit matriarch.

Oaka Burrow-nit

Main article: Oaka Burrow-nit

The Oaka Burrow-nit resides within wood or wooden structures.

Obelisk Burrow-nit

Main article: Obelisk Burrow-nit

The Obelisk Burrow-Nit has an obelisk-shaped shell.

Orange Spear-nit

Main article: Orange Spear-nit

The Orange Spear-nit can skewer multiple Pikmin at once with multiple proboscises.

Penetrating Joustmite

Main article: Penetrating Joustmite

The Penetrating Joustmite can skewer Pikmin that are immune to blunt force.

Poisonous Burrow-nit

Main article: Poisonous Burrow-nit

The Poisonous Burrow-nit is engulfed in a cloud of poison.

Sandy Burrow-nit

Main article: Sandy Burrow-nit

The Sandy Burrow-nit resides in sandy environments.

Spiny Burrow-nit

Main article: Spiny Burrow-nit

The Spiny Burrow-nit has a shell covered in thorns.

Spiraling Joustmite

Main article: Spiraling Joustmite

The Spiraling Joustmite can fire its spiraling proboscis like a harpoon.

Snappy Joustmite

Main article: Snappy Joustmite

The Snappy Joustmite charges at prey to eat them instead of using a proboscis.

Swarm Ujadani

Main article: Swarm Ujadani

The Swarm Ujadani is a tiny, newborn Burrow-nit.

Thunderous Burrow-nit

Main article: Thunderous Burrow-nit

The Thunderous Burrow-nit can electrocute Pikmin and create electrical arcs with other electric enemies.


Main article: Trapdoor-nit

The Trapdoor-nit hides under a crystal shell; and reveals itself to shoot out its proboscis and eat Pikmin.

Yellow Spotted Burrow-nit

Main article: Yellow Spotted Burrow-nit

The Yellow Spotted Burrow-nit is moves faster and attacks faster as well.