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The PikWii is a fan-made console built to play only Pikmin games. It has useful tools for those wanting to develop their own Pikmin games, and as a bonus, developers can create achievements, called Pikchievements, for those games. The PikWii was first released in retail alongside Pikmin: A Dweevil's Chance as the game featured in the FourPack, a game package currently under development.

The console strongly resembles the original Wii. The PikWii comes in a range of colors and with a variety of skins, for free, each color corresponding to a Pikmin type and each skin corresponding to a particular Pikmin game. There are also matching colors and skins available for each input device. The default appearance of a PikWii is present with the official FourPack design, showing the characters of the FourPack installment waving. The system also supports a variety of accessories and controller arrangements depending on the game, including the Wii Remote in its forward or sideways orientations, Wii Remote and the Nunchuk, Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro, Wii Remote Plus, GameCube controller, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS, Wii U GamePad, and Wii Balance Board.

The PikWii has several online functionalities such as accessing internet browsers or online multiplayer. When an update is available, the patch will be downloaded and installed as long as an internet connection is available. Declining to install an update for a game will disable online play for it until the patch is installed. Multiplayer modes can have a set limit of players in a server, but the hard limit is sixteen at once. The PikWiiShop Channel, a built-in application, allows users to download games and other channels, typically after purchase, though some are available for free.

The Pikchievement system consists of objectives, or achievements, unlocked by specific criteria. Unlocking a Pikchievement grants five pikpik carrots as a reward, and generally the more difficult a Pikchievement is to unlock, the more pikpik carrots are earned. The standard Pikchievement difficulties are easy, worth five pikpik carrots, normal, worth ten pikpik carrots, hard, worth twenty-five pikpik carrots, very hard, worth fifty pikpik carrots, and ultimately, Armored Titan Dweevil, worth one hundred pikpik carrots. Developers can create, alter, or remove existing and custom difficulties for their games. The pikpik carrots earned from unlocking Pikchievements serve as a form of currency in the Olimar's Goods and Chef Louie's Restaurant channels available through the PikWiiShop Channel. If the FourPack installment is prepurchased, unique Pikchievements worth five pikpik carrots each will be automatically unlocked upon booting the console for the first time.


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