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The following is a list of wanted games on Pikmin Fanon. To create one, simply remove the redirect on that article and let your imagination run wild. To remove a redirect, return to the page by clicking or tapping on the name of the article this page was linked to in the "redirected from" text at the top of this page. Games are listed with descriptions of themselves, if available, and those descriptions should be incorporated into the article created. When an article is created and is no longer a redirect, please remove it from this page. If a section on this page no longer has any items in it, please remove the section as well.

The Legend of Olimar

The Legend of Olimar is a fangame idea made by an unknown author but contributed to by the Pikmin Fanon community. Presumably, its gameplay would be much like that of a traditional The Legend of Zelda game. Its only asset is its banner.

Pikmin: Beginnings

Pikmin: Beginnings is a fangame that originally took place before the mainline Pikmin games, but its content was deleted by its author. It has a banner template, and would have been a prequel to Pikmin 1 and "include[d] the origins of something or another" would it have been reworked.

Pikmin: The Big Trip

Very little is known about Pikmin: The Big Trip, other than it being created by the unregistered user Capt. Bulbie, having a banner template, and featuring Cyan Pikmin and Tan Pikmin. Additionally, it has a Challenge Mode, and in it, the player must, without Pikmin, slay as many enemies as possible in the allotted time.

Pikmin: The Continents

Pikmin: The Continents' page was never made but has plenty of content to populate it, and boxart to boot.

Pikmin: Legacy

Pikmin: Legacy is a fanon game that was apparently made by PikFan23 but never developed. Olive Pikmin would have appeared in it, and they would've had swamp abilities, and two stems, doubling the damage they inflict on enemies.

Pikmin: Type Overload

Pikmin: Type Overload is a game that never came to fruition, but has a banner template and features Creeper Pikmin.

Pikmin: Ultimate Quest

Pikmin: Ultimate Quest is a community fangame that was superseded by Pikmin: King of Bugs. It was supposed to have a top-down perspective, much like its successor and Pikifen, and its only asset is its banner template. More information can be seen here.

Super Paper Pikmin

Super Paper Pikmin is a game by KirbyKrafter that never came to fruition, and its only asset is this cover art.